FIXED: Zelle Payment Pending Error (Ultimate Guide)

Lindsay Hayes

If your Zelle payment is stuck on pending, you probably made the transfer on a holiday. This is not something to worry about, as the cash will be transferred on the very next business day.

At the same time, you might be sending cash to a user outside of the US. You'll have to double-check this and then try the transaction again.

I've had the "payment is pending" message appear once. Turns out, the Zelle Payment couldn't be completed because the user I was sending the cash to was outside the States.

I've gone through all the reasons why the error appears, and how to fix it below.


Why is Your Zelle Payment Pending?

There are a couple of reasons why you might be getting the pending payment error.

Let's talk about them.

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Reason 1: Transfers Don't Work on Non-Business Days

If you made the payment on a holiday, the Zelle payment pending issue shouldn't be a surprise. All you need to do is sit back and relax until the next working day.

Also, payments won't be made until the next day if it's past 7 PM.

Reason 2: Bank Service Issues

There may be some issues on your bank's end, like outages or their servers being down. They probably have a status page that you can visit to check whether this is the case.

If you want, you can also call them and ask whether they're dealing with any problems.

If this is this case, once again, all you can do is sit back and relax.

Reason 3: Zelle's Facing Technical Issues

On the flip side, Zelle might be facing technical issues. Visit their system status page to check whether their servers are down.

While you're at it, go online and check whether other users are facing delays. They should be if it's a server-wide problem.

Reason 4: Zelle Blocked Account

Although this is not the most common reason, your payment might be stuck because you're trying to transfer cash to a suspended user.

They might have been suspended if there were reports against them, or if there has been suspicious activity on their account.

Reason 5: International Transaction

Zelle only allows you to send and receive payments with users in the U.S. The error will pop up if you try and send cash to someone who's abroad.

If you want to transfer cash to someone outside the States, there's a hack that you can use. You might still be able to send money to them if they sign up with an American registered mobile number.

Here's what you do:

What Do You Do If You Transferred Cash to the Wrong Account?

If you didn't include the correct email address or phone number when sending money, you might find it hard to get your cash back. Zelle only allows you to do this if you accidentally transferred cash to someone who isn't enrolled with them yet.

Let's say you've accidentally made the transfer to someone who isn't enrolled with the Zelle app. What should you do?

Try out these steps:

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Answered below are some popular questions.

How Long Will Zelle Be Pending?

The answer to this depends. If you made the payment on a holiday, or after 7 pm on a working day, the transaction would go through on the next business day.

However, if your payment is pending because of a server issue or technical problem, it might take some time for your payment status to change. You might have to contact Zelle about this.

How Long Does It Take for Zelle to Process Funds?

Zelle processes payments in minutes. If you include the correct email and phone number, and it's not a non-working day, the recipient should get your cash almost immediately.

Can I Send $5000 Through Zelle?

Here's the deal - Zelle has restrictions on the amount of cash that you can transfer. Right now, it is $5,000 a month. Just remember that if you're trying to transfer this $5,000 in one go, you won't be able to.

Your bank could also play a role in how much you can transfer. There might be restrictions on your bank account that you don't know about.

How Do I Accept Pending Zelle Payments?

If you have transactions pending, you can access your cash in a minute tops with the below steps:

Mobile Payment App

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Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why you may be dealing with the pending payment problem. In most cases, you might not be able to send money because of a problem with your bank account.

On the other hand, you may have included the wrong recipient's email address or US mobile number/account details.

Moreover, the Zelle app will cause the pending payment status to pop up if you paid the money after 7 pm, or if it's a holiday. There's nothing you can do, other than wait for the next working day.

We hope you found these points useful. I ran through what you need to do if the pending payment error pops up when sending money, as well as some additional information, like how long Zelle takes to process payments, and how to accept payments.

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