Does Chime Show Pending Deposits? (How to Check?)

Lindsay Hayes

Yes, Chime shows pending deposits on both its mobile app and browser site. You'll have to log into your account, and head over to the Statements tab. There will be a grey mark next to any cash that you've sent if it's pending.

I recently sent my friend some cash on Chime, but it didn't go through to her account. So, I wanted to find out what went wrong. In the process, I discovered that Chime doesn't deposit cash transferred during the weekend. I also saw the transferred amount in my pending deposits section until it disappeared the following Monday when the transfer went through.

Inspired by this, I've outlined how you can check your pending deposits on Chime. I have also looked at some additional information, like what to do if your deposit is not coming through.


Does Chime Show Pending Deposits On Chime Account?

As mentioned, Chime does let you see your pending deposits. The process to check this differs depending on whether you're using a computer or mobile phone. Keep in mind that it will only show the cash you have transferred and not any funds that have been sent to your account.

Online Banking Services Browser View and the App View

To check your pending Chime deposit on a computer browser:

To check your pending Chime direct deposit on the mobile app:

How Long Until Chime Direct Deposit Hit Bank Account?

Direct deposits fall into Chime accounts almost immediately. I've run through some other points you need to know, along with how long other deposits take in the section below.

1. Mobile Check Deposit

Checks deposited through the Chime mobile app usually take around 5 business days to clear and be added to accounts.

2. External Transfers

External transfers from non-Chime accounts, like other bank or debit cards, will take around 5 business days.

3. Direct Deposit Payments

You can expect Direct deposits to fall into your account immediately unless it is a non-working day. This means that if someone makes a direct deposit on a Saturday, it will only be in your app account on Monday.

4. Cash Deposit At Retail Stores

You can ask cashiers at selected retail locations to transfer a deposit to your Chime checking account. It will take around 5 business days to be transferred.

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How Do I Know Direct Deposit Is Working on Chime App?

As mentioned, direct deposits are sent to accounts almost immediately. In case it's been hours, and you still haven't received the funds you're expecting, it could be a holiday that you're unaware of.

If you check the Chime app schedule page, they clearly mention that they don't work on non-business days. You will have to be patient till then.

However, if it's a working day but your Chime deposits still haven't come through, the app's servers may be down. You can visit their system status page to rule this out. If it's a server problem, there will be other users complaining about it online, such as on Twitter (it won't hurt to contact Chime support too).

Of course, the issue could be due to your employer or payroll provider using the wrong information - so, make sure that they include the correct Chime routing number, or online banking account number before sending you your cash.

Lastly, Chime may be malfunctioning and not processing deposits because of major internal issues. Contact Chime customer support and tell them what you're facing.


Answered below are some popular questions.

1. On What Holidays Are Chime Deposits Not Processed?

There are quite a few federal and bank holidays that Chime doesn't process payments on. Compared to any other financial technology company, the number of off days they take is pretty standard.

Here are the Chime banking holidays:

2. How Do I Know When My Direct Deposit Was Sent Through Chime?

If you have received a Chime direct deposit, you will get an email notifying you that funds have been sent to your account. You can retrieve them from the link that was sent.

3. Can Chime Reverse a Pending Transaction?

Yes, you can reverse a pending transaction that you made.

Here's how:

You can also call the app team and ask them to reverse your pending deposit.

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Final Thoughts

Chime shows pending deposits for any transactions that you've made on both the Chime mobile app, as well as the Chime website. To check the pending deposit, simply find your Chime account monthly statement, and look for a grey text - your pending deposits.

Apart from how to check pending deposits, I have also touched on additional information, like the processing time for any pending transactions, whether Chime will process deposits on bank holidays, and what to do if your Chime direct deposit funds are not going through.

Hopefully, you found all the points discussed useful and can check your pending deposit now.

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