Can Your Snapchat Score Go Up Without Opening Snaps (A Simple Guide)

Lindsay Hayes

Simply put, yes, your Snap Chat score can go up without opening snaps. If you're trying to improve your Snapchat Score game, a good place to start is by opening as many Snaps as you can. 

Many of my relatives have wondered what the number next to their username means or how their Snapchat score go up by itself or if they can improve their scores quickly. You can increase you Snapchat Score without opening snaps by posting a story on your Snapchat or by adding new friends.

So if you are looking for any information about what the Snapchat score is, how you earn points, open snaps, and can your Snapchat score go up without opening snaps, you can find the answers below.


Can Your Snapchat Score Go Up Without Opening Snaps?

According to the Snapchat website, the Snapchat score is calculated based on how much you use Snapchat with a unique equation.

You will receive one point for sending the snap and another one point for opening the snap. However, you are not awarded points for sending text messages on Snapchat no matter how many messages you send. Instead, the point is awarded as motivation to continue using the app and see what your friends have been doing.

Snapchat will also award you a point for posting snaps to your story, but they do not award points for watching stories. These extra points may take some time to reflect, or they could arrive all at once.

But you will receive extra points for opening more snaps.

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If you have sent multiple snaps in one day or different days, Snapchat will count each snap towards your final Snapchat score. However, if you leave unread received snaps, they are deleted within 24 hours. Therefore, this will not be added to your snap score.

Your Snapchat score will also be impacted by:

Can your Snapchat score go up without opening snaps? Yes, it can. Fortunately, your Snapchat score will not decrease, or you will not lose points for being inactive.

To view the Snapchat score, you can swipe down on the camera screen, and the Snap score will appear on the right of your Snapchat username. If you click the Snapchat score, it will reflect the amount of snaps you sent vs. receiving snaps.

My Snap Score Doesn't Add Up?

There may be times when you calculate the opening snaps you have sent and snaps received and end up with a different Snapchat score to the final snap score, and you're not sure exactly how is the Snapchat score calculated.

The difference may be because you have been awarded points based on how you sent the snaps.

When you send a snap to multiple users, you will receive one point for every Snapchat user you have sent the snap to and an extra point for just sending the snap.

However, there is no clear indication of how Snapchat calculates the Snapchat score as they may have a variety of methods and other factors to calculate a Snapchat user score based on how you sending and receiving snaps.

The Snapchat scores don't automatically update every time when opening snaps or sending snaps. It may even remain the same for a couple of days. However, you can contact the 'Help Link" to get assistance if you think your Snapchat score is incorrect.

Can Group Chat Photos Increase Your Snap Score?

Snapchat has not confirmed that your snap score rises each time you send photos and videos, but it does appear that you receive one point when you send a snap to a group, but your Snapchat score will only go up once.

You will need to send the same snap of a photo or video separately to earn points. Likewise, sending chats to a group will not improve your Snapchat score.

Can Your Snap Score Increase When You Are Inactive?

If you decide to take a temporary break from Snapchat, they will not delete your account. However, Snapchat does have a time limit. You will have thirty days of inactivity. Thereafter, your account will no longer be accessed without logging in.

The only time that Snapchat will delete an account is:

Again, the idea of the Snapscore is to determine your activity on the third-party app. So it's not ideal for your Snapchat score to rise if you are not active. However, if you have just arrived back to Snapchat, the first snap you send on the app will give you six points.

You will also raise your Snapchat score quickly if you start opening snaps as soon as possible. However, this may take some time to reflect on your Snapchat score.

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Reactivating Snapchat

If you have done a social media platform cleanse and wish to reactivate your account, then follow these steps:

How Can I Boost My Snap Score?

The quickest way to get a higher Snapchat score is by being active on the app. You are awarded one point for:

One way to help you raise your snap score is to add celebrities and send them snaps. Another way to increase your Snapchat score and activity is by joining Snapchat Series. This is a group of people that send each other a snap every day for a couple of days. After three days, you will receive a small flame icon with your name. Some of the Snapchat series have run for 100 days, if not longer.

Snapchat doesn't allow access to the third-party apps, so don't trust any tools or programs that tell you they can boost your Snapchat score, and don't pay the money. Snapchat algorithm is very different from other social media, and there isn't a way to hack the system.

These sites will plant spyware or malware on your mobile device. Only Trust the original Snapchat site for updates.

How To Hide Your Snap Score?

There are two ways to hide your snap score if you don't want strangers or your ex-partner to see it.

Method 1: Hide Your Snap Score From Strangers

Method 2: Hide Your Snapchat Score By Removing A Friend

Checking Someone's Snap Score

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Is It True That If A Person's Snap Score Increases, They May Be Ignoring You?

Your friend hasn't been opening snaps that you've sent, but their Snapchat score is increasing. So the question is, are they ignoring you?

It's possible that they forgot to respond or just haven't had the time and left the unread snaps. The Snap score is like a popularity contest, but just because they have a high score, doesn't necessarily mean they are ignoring you. It could just mean that they snapped a great picture of their dog, and multiple users have seen their content.

Is It Creepy To Check A Snap Score?

You may feel at first that checking your Snapchat score is weird, and checking someone else's snap score is creepy. But this is normal. It's the same as checking how many followers you have or someone else has on another social media platform.

You can use the Snapchat score to see if a new friend is actually using Snapchat or that Snapchat is now your preferred method of communicating. The Snapchat score doesn't only have to be a symbol of popularity.

SnapChat Custom Stories

You can create Snapchat stories with 1,000 custom snaps, which last 24 hours. To add a story:

Snapchat doesn't offer a clear way to let you know how many times your story was viewed, but Snapchat gives you a list of viewers based on who viewed your story last. The list will grow as more people view your story.

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Can your Snapchat score go up without opening snaps? Yes, but your Snapchat score will increase much faster if you are active on the platform.

To keep your Snapchat score high, make sure you are opening snaps, sending snaps, and earning any additional points mentioned above.

If you have any further queries, you can contact the "Help Link" on the Snapchat app.

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