Hulu Login Has Been Blocked? Here are 9 Easy Fixes

Lindsay Hayes

Hulu usually blocks login attempts if you’re entering the wrong login credentials, or if you have a poor internet connection. Sometimes, server issues can cause the problem too. 

A couple of months ago, I struggled to log in because of this. I started panicking because I thought I’d tried everything. Then I realized that one of their servers might have been down.  

I checked their server status page and realized that this was actually the case. You can imagine how relieved I was when their servers were back up again, and the Hulu login message was gone.

I not only explained more about this below, but all the other solutions you can try as well. 


How Do You Fix Hulu Login Has Been Blocked Error? 

First rule out whether Hulu’s servers are down. You can double-check this by visiting the system status page

You can also contact the Hulu team. They should be able to tell you when their servers will be back up again. You can also find out if you’ve violated any terms and services

Check whether you’ve entered invalid login credentials. You might have been including the wrong Hulu password.

With that out of the way, let's talk about some fixes. 

Hulu App loading on the Laptop

Solution 1: Have a Stable Internet Connection

Hulu might not be able to let you log in because of a poor internet connection. This may be why you can’t connect to their servers.

You can fix an unstable connection by moving closer to your router. If it’s a slow connection that you’re dealing with, other devices connected to your Wifi might be hogging up bandwidth. Try logging in when less people are using the internet, for example, at night.

Solution 2: Turn VPN Off

VPNs tunnel and encrypt IPs. So, they can cause problems when you’re connecting to Hulu. 

You can temporarily disable your VPN and try to log in again. Hopefully, you won’t see the error anymore. 

Solution 3: Activate Your Hulu Account 

A lot of new users get stuck with the error because they use an account that hasn’t been activated yet. 

All you have to do is find the activation link that was sent to your email, click on it, and open Hulu. Then, follow through with the activation process. 

Also, remember to check your email spam folder if you can’t find the verification mail. 

Solution 4: Disable Enhanced Tracking  

Disabling enhanced tracking protection can help if you’re struggling to log in from Firefox. Although enabling enhanced tracking can be useful, it can prevent sites from determining your location, which could cause login problems. 

To fix this:

Solution 5: Restart Device

Your device might be glitching out and causing the login error. If it’s a minor glitch, you should be able to restart your OS  and fix this. 

However, if the regular restart doesn't work, you’ll have to take things up a notch and do a force reboot. This is easy on Androids. You just long hold the Power and Volume Down buttons for around 10 seconds. 

Hulu Mobile App

However, on iPhones, it gets complicated. 

To force-reboot the iPhone 8 and later models, as well as the SE 2 and 3:

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:

iPhone 6, 6S and SE (1st gen):

On Windows computers, there are a couple of ways to force-reboot. Here’s the best method:

To force-reboot Macs:

Solution 6: Clear App Cache 

Hulu can act up if its cache becomes corrupt. Usually, this happens when something has affected its temporary memory. You simply have to clear its cache memory.

On iPhones: 

On Android mobile devices:

It can take some work to clear an individual app’s cache on Windows and Mac computers. I recommend using the CCleaner tool, which will completely clear the cache on your entire OS. 

In case you’re wondering, no, you won’t lose any important information. 

To use the tool to get rid of the login has been blocked error: 

Solution 7: Software Update Device

You might be dealing with a system bug if you haven’t updated your OS in a while. This wouldn’t just cause Hulu to act up, but lead to various other system issues too. 

You also need a stable internet connection before you start updating. Or else, the process can take longer.

To update an iPhone: 

To update an Android phone:

To update Windows: 

On Macs: 

Solution 8: Update Hulu Application

If you haven’t updated the hulu app, it could lead to login issues and bugs.

Head to your respective app store, search for Hulu, and click on the update button next to it. 

Hulu Home Screen Loaded on the Tab

Solution 9: Uninstall the Hulu Application

Before I move onto my last fix, I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the streaming service. You’re probably having trouble with it due to a bug. Deleting the app should help clear it. 

If you’re using a browser to access the streaming site, swap the below steps with the browser in question. 

To delete Hulu from your iPhone: 

On your Android mobile device: 

On your Windows computer: 

On Macs:


Answered below are some popular questions.

How Do I Get Hulu Outside the US?

VPNs can help you access Hulu if you live outside the U.S. However, keep in mind what I mentioned about them potentially causing the login has been blocked Hulu error. 

Although you can use a VPN to log in from abroad, some of them work better with Hulu than others.

Is there a particular state or region in the US that I recommend connecting to? Not really. They all have the same library. However, it’s better to connect to a server that is close to where you live. Your IP would get tunneled to a much closer location, and you won’t have to worry about your connection slowing down as much. 

Hulu on the Smart TV

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Final Thoughts

Entering the wrong credentials can cause the “Login Has been blocked” Hulu error. If this is the issue, click the Forgot Password option on the Hulu account page, then follow through with the password reset link sent to you.  

However, if you’re sure you’ve been entering the correct Hulu login details, you might be dealing with server issues, have an app glitch on your hands, or even be facing a virtual private network problem. 

When it comes to VPNs, most users don’t realize that the private relay they offer can cause issues when connecting to Hulu’s servers, even if they’re using a good option like Nord VPN.  

Hopefully, with these tips and tricks, you'll be able to get rid of the login error and regain access to the streaming service. 

Lindsay Hayes

Hi, I’m Lindsay, a techie from Kansas City. That’s right; I’m a born and bred Midwesterner. I learned to take electronics apart at my dad’s GameStop way back when, and I haven’t stopped since. I spend most of my time checking out new gadgets.
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