How to Unblock Discord Website for School WiFi? 7+ Easy Solutions

Lindsay Hayes

You can use a virtual private network (VPN), DNS resolver, proxy server, or a different IP address to unblock Discord on your school WiFi. Just be mindful of the VPN that you use. You need a good one that has a powerful encryption to bypass the block, like NordVPN.

Although I haven't personally faced this problem, my little nephew did. He said his school was going to block websites, like Discord, and came to me for help. I showed him some of the best ways to overcome the problem and more.


How Do You Unblock Discord on School WiFi?

There are a couple of methods you can turn to:

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Solution 1: Try the Discord Web App

There's a chance that your school has only blocked the Discord EXE file, and not the browser version of the app. Open on your browser and check whether it loads.

Solution 2: Use a VPN

In case you're not aware, a VPN both encrypts and tunnels your connection. You should be able to bypass any block that your school has placed with a VPN.

However, not all VPNs can get the job done. You need one that offers a good enough encryption that will stop you from getting caught. Nord is one of my favorites. Although you have to pay to use it, it comes with a free trial.

Here's what you do:

Solution 3: Use a Web Proxy Server

A proxy server is like a VPN, except that it only works on specific browsers. It might get the job done if you're still unable to access Discord unblocked.

Once again, be mindful of the proxy you use. Go for a more reputed one, like Hidester, the Tor browser, or Whoer.

Here's how you use one to unblock Discord:

Solution 4: Use a DNS Resolver

Instead of using a VPN or web proxy, you can also try a DNS resolver out. It's like a VPN, except that it won't encrypt your connection while only hiding your IP address.

There are quite a few Smart DNS on the market, but I would recommend OverPlay. I've used it a couple of times and it has never disappointed me.

Solution 5: Download Discord Alpha Version

You might have luck with Discord's Alpha version. It's basically the Beta version of the app, which your school probably hasn't blocked.

Simply type Canary.discordapp into your browser, then download and launch the file that gets installed. Once you run the file, enter your account credentials to log in.

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Solution 6: Access Discord with its IP Address

In case you're still having trouble, you can try accessing Discord through its public IP address. All you need to do is find and enter it into your web browser, instead of the discord site URL.

Solution 7: Use a Different Device

Unless your school WiFi has specifically blocked Discord's IP address, you should be able to access it on another device, like your phone. However, you may not be allowed to bring your phone to school, so the chances of being able to do this are low.

Simply open the Apple or Google play store on your phone, then download the app.

What Do You Do if the Above Fixes Didn't Work?

It wouldn't hurt to use a personal hotspot instead of connecting to your school's WiFi. All you need to do is take your phone out, turn mobile data on, and tap the hotspot button on the control center/notification panel.

Hopefully you'll be able to connect your school Chromebook to it and not have any problems now.

Why Do Schools Block Discord?

Considering how there are many ways to unblock the site, it is only natural to wonder why it was blocked in the first place. The answer is simple - it's to stop students from getting distracted and to also stop them from sharing sensitive data, and sending files.


Answered below are some popular questions.

Can You Be Tracked on Discord?

Discord server admins cant see your IP address - you don't have to worry about being tracked. However, Discord's staff can see your IP. Rest assured that they won't share this information with anyone. There's a strict privacy policy in place.

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Final Thoughts

Discord is one of the most commonly-blocked sites at both school and universities. This is to prevent students from getting distracted and prevent them from sharing sensitive data and files.

Usually, they block the Discord app and not the browser site. Instead of visiting the Chrome web store to try and install Discord, you can open Chrome browser or Safari, visit, and try to log into your account.

When it comes to more hardcore fixes, you might be able to open unblocked discord with the help of a VPN, or proxy. You could also use a DNS, as it passes web traffic through a buffer. This lets it go around most website restrictions.

However, that's not all - instead of using your school's WiFi, you can turn on mobile data on your mobile, then enable hotspot to it and try and open discord on your school Chromebook. This should work if your school has blocked other sites too.

Hopefully you found these techniques useful.

Lindsay Hayes

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