Can Cash App Transactions Be Traced? Here's Everything to Know

Lindsay Hayes

If you're wondering whether Cash app payments can be traced, the answer is no. The app doesn't just share user transaction history - the only way a third party can access this information is if they're a legal authority and have formally sent in a request.

I've been using Cash app for a while now and a friend recently wanted to know whether her cash app transaction history could be tracked. I did some digging and found out that this was not possible.

I touched on this in-depth, as well as some additional information, like how you can access your cash app transactions history, and what data is stored by the app team.


Can Cash App Transactions Be Traced?

No, not even the police can track cash app transactions without a formal request. The only way that anyone can get this data is if they reach out to the cash app team.

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Does Cash App Share Your Information?

The answer is both yes and no - let me explain.

Like most companies in the United States, Cash app shares its data with government offices and law enforcement agencies that request it.

Also, since a 2022 law passed, the app team has to report the sale of goods and services to their tax creditors, without them having to make any requests.

Cash app also sends data to its family of companies, like Weebly. However, this is kept confidential and is done to provide you with more useful services.

You can find out all about this on their Privacy Policy page.

How to Track Cash App Transaction History?

You can track your cash app card transactions by doing the following :

In case your card app card has been stolen, and you find out through the app history, go ahead and disable your card:

Can You Delete Cash App History Or Payment Details?

You can't delete your cash app history, and for good reason. If a hacker breaks into your account, he can wipe any evidence of unauthorized transactions that has been made.

The only way to delete your transaction history and details of pending payments would be to close your account.

Here's how:

Does Cash App Keep Your Data Safe?

All websites store important user information and promise to keep their data safe, and Cash app is no different. They specifically say that they do "a lot" to keep users' data secure.

For instance, they claim to use military-level encryption, as well as special fraud technology.

However, there have been instances where users' information has been compromised. In 2022, a former employee managed to download and save users' brokerage account numbers and usernames, holdings, portfolio values, and recent trading activity.

There have also been reports of hackers breaking into Cash app accounts, then selling access to them on the Dark Web. Some of the Cash app users who fell victim to this say they haven't been reimbursed for this security failure either.

How Long Does Cash App Keep Your Information?

According to Cash App, your data is stored until you close your account. However, occasionally, they can store your information for longer.

Here are a couple of reasons why:

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What Information Does Cash App Collect From You?

Cash app collects and stores data. According to the app, this allows them to use this information to provide a better service.

Let's take a close look at what's collected.

1. Identification Information

Cash app collects basic identification information like your name, phone number, email address, zip code, and signature.

You won't find any financial service on the market that doesn't do this. This is done to verify your identity and help you log in, in case you forget your password.

2. Financial Information

Important financial information, like your bank account, wallet balance, and payment card numbers are also stored. They will be saved the moment you link your bank account to the app's servers.

3. Transaction Information

Cash app transaction details are saved whenever you send or receive money. This is important information to have, as you can make and accept payment requests.

Some of the data that is saved include:

4. Contacts Information

Although not mandatory, you can give Cash app access to your Phone app. They will save your phone contacts in the process. There are a couple of benefits to doing this, and they include:

At any time, you can prevent the card app team from accessing your Phone app data. Head to the Settings app, go to Apps, find Cash app, then revoke its permissions.

5. Geolocation Information

You can also give the app access to your location. This will automatically give it permission to see your IP address, the location of your network provider, and even the language your device uses.

You can go to your phone's Settings app to disable the app from doing this. Just keep in mind that you might lose access to some features, as they may only have been accessible to you because of your location.

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6. Electronic Network Activity

Like most financial services, Cash app collects data about your network activity. This is all quite straightforward and nothing in-depth.

Some of what's collected include:

7. Verified User Information

If you want to increase your Cash app account limit, you will have to give the app additional information about yourself. This includes:

8. Device Information

Lastly, Cash app requires some information on the specific device that you're using, like:

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Final Thoughts

Cash app transactions can't be traced for the most part. The app team is strict with users' cash app transaction history and keeps this data safe.

Many users wonder whether the police can track cash app - the simple answer is no. However, if they make a formal request, they can access your cash app transactions. This is true for any legal body that wants to see a user's cash app report.

Also, according to a special 2022 law, the Cash app team does have to provide data to the Internal Revenue Service, even without them having to request it.

I also touched on how you can go through your transaction history yourself (and even get your payment history printed out).

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