How to Change Name Color on Twitch? Easy Ways to Customize It

Lindsay Hayes

You can change the color of your username by changing your Twitch chat settings or entering the /color command in your chat window.

Now, why would you want to do that? Take it from me, when I first started my own Twitch channel, I decided to color-coordinate my username with the rest of my channel's theme. Not only did it help me pop in chats, it also made it super easy for my followers to spot my streams just by the unique hue of my username.

If you too are looking to give your Twitch name a makeover, then you've come to the right place. Let's dive in!


What Are the Free Color Options Available for Twitch Usernames?

Before we get to the methods to change the color of your username Twitch, you should know that there is only a limited number of color options available for normal users.

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These include:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Chocolate
  • Coral
  • Goldenrod
  • HotPink
  • OrangeRed
  • YellowGreen
  • BlueViolet
  • CadetBlue
  • DodgerBlue
  • FireBrick
  • SeaGreen
  • SpringGreen

Prime Gaming and Twitch Turbo on the other hand give you the liberty to change your username to any color. So you must activate either one of the two to choose a custom color. I’ve discussed this in detail later on in my article.

How to Change Twitch Name Color? 

On the Web App

To change Twitch name color on the web app using the live Twitch chat menu settings, follow the steps below:

But you can only use extra colors if you’re subscribed to Prime Gaming or Twitch Turbo.

On the Mobile App

If you’re using the Twitch app on your mobile, follow the steps below to change Twitch name color using chat identity settings:

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Using the Chat Command

You can type in a simple command in the Twitch chat window too to change your Twitch name color.

Just type: /color followed by the name of the color you’d like to use. For instance, you can type: /color red to change your username to red. Or you can just type /color and Twitch will give you a list of color options you can choose from.

Alternatively, you can type /color #hex code in the Twitch chat box to be more specific about the color you’d like to pick. For instance, to change your Twitch username to red you can enter the hex code F6451F. So the command will be /color #F6451F

So if you’d like to change your Twitch username color to white, you can enter the hex code for the white color (#ffffff) in your chat window. So the command would be /color #ffffff. Remember, changing your Twitch name color to white will make it difficult for streamers and your followers if they don’t have the dark mode enabled since the color white is the default background color.

Similarly, to change your Twitch name color to black, you can enter the hex code for the black color (#000000) in your chat window. So the command would be /color #000000. But if your followers or fellow streamers have dark mode enabled, it’ll be difficult for them to read your name.

Besides picking basic colors, like red and green, what can you do to make your Twitch name stand out? Try out the Twitch purple color. To pick the legendary Twitch purple as your Twitch name color, you can type the hex code for purple (#9146ff) in your chat window. So, your command would be /color #9146ff.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to memorize or search for hex codes every time you want to change your Twitch name color. You can just use this color picker website to get the hex color code for any color you want.

Note: This second method is beneficial only if you’ve access to Prime Gaming or Twitch Turbo since there are limited color options for free users.

How Can Prime Gaming Users Change Their Username’s Color?

If you’re a prime gaming user and don’t want to check the hex code each time you’d like to change the color of your username, you can change your username color on the Twitch website using the Settings menu too. Simply follow the steps below to change your username’s color:

You can follow these steps to easily change Twitch name color to white, black, Twitch purple, and more.

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How Do Prime Gaming and Twitch Turbo Affect Username Colors?

Since Twitch offers a limited number of color options, approximately 15 primary colors, for free users, subscriptions to Prime Gaming or Twitch Turbo allow you to access all the colors available on the spectrum, giving you the option to pick your favorite username color.

Besides giving you the freedom to change Twitch color, there are other benefits of these subscriptions:

Can Your Twitch Name Glow?

Unfortunately, you can’t set your name glowing anymore. Better Twitch TV (BTTV) used to offer this feature a while back, but now it has been discontinued. However, you will still see glowing names for users who had enabled this feature before it was disabled.

Can You Add Emotes or Emojis to Your Name?

Though you can’t add custom emotes or emojis to your name on Twitch, you can earn special badges for participating in subbing or getting promoted to a mod. So your chat identity icon can display some badges that you’ve earned, depending on the channel you’re in. 

Can Streamers Change Other Users’ Twitch Name Color?

No, you can't do this. But, if you’re finding it difficult to read the name of your chatters due to their name color, you can modify your chat to make the other’s name more readable. Just follow these simple steps:

Can You Change the Color of Your Message on Twitch?

You can no longer change the color of your message on Twitch. You can just change the color of your name. Earlier, users could change their message colors using the /me command, but this feature has been disabled.

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Is There a Specific Color on Twitch That Normal Users Should Select?

There’s no such specific color that streamers or other users prefer. Usually, streamers follow the theme of their Twitch channel and pick readable colors from the username color options.

Common colors, like blue, are used by many streamers. You’re free to use your favorite color without focusing on any ‘perfect color.’

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Twitch offers a limited number of primary colors for its regular users, but you can customize your name’s color if you have access to Prime or Turbo. The color you choose helps you stand out from the crowd and draw in more viewers. But it’s for aesthetic purposes only. It doesn’t have any other bearing on your channel.

Though if you follow the same color scheme as your channel’s theme, it’ll become easier for your viewers and followers to recognize you while chatting. However, while choosing your name color, ensure that you don’t pick colors like white or black that can get obscured in the default or dark mode on Twitch, making it hard for other users to read your name.

Instead of following your theme username colors, you can also go for cool colors, like coral, to stand out in the Twitch chat window.

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