How Much is 100 Gifted Subs? Here's A Detailed Breakdown

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A singular tier one gift sub is around $5, so a 100 of them would equal to $500. But there are other tiers too, with a tier 2 gift sub costing $10, and a tier 3 subscription costing $25. The thing is, streamers don't get to keep all of this money. Most streamers will only be able to keep 50% of it, while very popular content creators get to keep 70% of the total amount.

I don't buy gift subs that often, but I have given a few subs away to climb channels' leaderboards. Just last week, my friend who I've bought a gift subscription for wanted to know how much his favorite streamer would get from a 100 gift subs. Since they were an affiliate channel, I had to break it to him that it would only be half the total amount spent.

So, if like him, you also want to know more about this, you can read ahead.


How Much is 100 Gifted Subs Twitch?

There are 3 different types of gift subs that you can buy. Tier 1 is the most affordable, and it costs around $5 for a singular sub, while tier 2 gift subs cost $10, and tier 3 gift subs cost $25. You can buy a 100 gift subs at a time for all of them except for tier 3 subscriptions - Twitch has limited it to 40 per purchase.

If you buy a 100 tier 1 gift subscriptions, you'll end up paying $500, while a 100 tier 2 subs will cost $1000 for, and a 100 tier 3 subscriptions will cost $2500.

The thing is, streamers don't get all of this cash. Most streamers get around 50% of it, while more popular streamers get to keep a 70% cut.

Now, where does the rest go? If you guessed to Twitch, you're right. Hopefully Twitch will improve this percentage in the future, but there's just no news of this right now.

Larger Twitch channels generally make a lot from sub gifting, even though they don't get a full cut. A lot of them have leader boards to encourage users to give gift subscriptions away. So buying gift subs is like a game on them: you'll get rewarded with cool badges for being on the top.

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Are there Any Other Ways to Support Streamers?

Most big streamers have merch stores, and it's usually linked in their channel bio. They'll get all of the profits from the payments you make here.

Also, they might have a Venmo or CashApp account that you can donate to. Like with the merch stores, they're usually in their channel bio somewhere.

They might have a Patreon with tiers that have special gifts too. Although Patreon does take a percentage off backings, it's not as much as Twitch takes from subscriptions - they only take around 12% max.

There's also something called Bits that you can use on Twitch. Basically, it's Twitch's own personal currency. You can use them to pay for things on your favorite streamer's channel, like Cheers while they're live streaming. Streamers that you spend your Bits on get a cut.

Does a Gifted Sub Automatically Renew?

Twitch gifted subs do not auto-renew. When the subscription is up, the user you bought the subscription for will get a message asking them if they want to renew it. They won't get charged any expiry fees when their sub is up, either.

Also, when you gift Twitch subs, you can choose how long they last. So, they won't just expire the month after. Right now, you can buy and have a gift subscription last for around 12 months - this works the same for all three of the tiers that I mentioned.

Would Streamers Rather Pick Donations or Twitch Subscriptions?

I think that most Twitch streamers would prefer subscriptions. Most users end up renewing their subs, which adds up to a lot of money spent in the end. Plus, Twitch subscriptions help with community building - a lot of users wear their subs like a badge of honor.

At the end of the day, though, it really depends on the streamer. I don't think any streamer would complain if they got a nice combination of both donations and channel subscriptions.

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How Can You Gift a Twitch Subscription?

It doesn't take much work if you want to buy someone a gifted sub. Here's what you can do:

Instead of buying someone else a gift sub, you can always subscribe to the channel yourself. Here's how you can do this:


Answered below are some popular questions.

1. What Are the Differences Between Tier 1, 2, and 3 Subscriptions?

It all comes down to the benefits that you'll get. Compared to tier 1, tier 2 and 3 subs will get you access to additional channel emotes, and you'll also end up with an exclusive flair badge (if the channel has the flair feature enabled).

On channels like Inochifantasy', you get 5 extra exclusive emotes when you subscribe for tier 2, and 5 more when you jump to tier 3. And the flair badge on the channel gets updated and improved when you jump from tier 2 to 3.

Of course, with each tier, you'll get all the basic features, like being able to watch streams without ads, getting access to the exclusive subscribers-only chat, and instantly being able to unlock the subscribers-only badge.

2. How Much Money is 500 Subs?

Based on what I mentioned earlier, 500 tier 1 subscriptions will cost $2500, while 500 tier 2 subscriptions will cost $5000, and 500 tier 3 subs will cost $12,500.

3. Can Streamers Refund Gifted Subs?

Streamers can't refund gifted subs, or regular channel subscriptions unless the payment was fraudulently made, like from a stolen credit or debit card. You'll have to head to the platform's help portal to get this done.

4. How to Receive Gifted Subs?

On the flip side, if you're wondering how you can get a gifted subscription for yourself, the best thing to do is try and be active on the streamer's channel.

There's an option to gift anonymously, which most viewers end up picking if they just want to buy subs to climb a channel's leaderboard. So by being active on the chat, you can increase your chances of being the person that's randomly picked.

If you want a more in-depth breakdown of how to receive gifted subs, you can check this other guide that I've written.

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Final Thoughts

There are 3 different gift tiers that you can buy from your favorite streamers - tier 1, 2 and 3. A 100 tier 1 Twitch gifted subs cost around $500, a 100 tier 2 subs will cost $1000, and 40 (the max) tier 3 subs will cost $1000.

But like I said, when you buy Twitch gifted subs, the streamer won't get the whole amount. Most of them (twitch partners and affiliates included) will only get a 50% cut, while bigger streamers will get to keep around 70%.

Instead of trying to purchase gifted subs, you can go ahead and buy merchandise from your favorite streamer. Most popular streamers have merch stores, so you should be able to find something that you like. They'll be able to keep all of the profits. And quite a few successful streamers have Patreon pages set up too.

Hopefully, you found all of the points that were run through useful, and know how much a 100 gifted subs on Twitch cost now.

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