Do You Have to Be 18 to Use Venmo? Here's Everything to Know

Lindsay Hayes

If you're under 18 and want to make a Venmo account, I've got some bad news for you. Venmo doesn't let minors create accounts.

I've been using Venmo for as long as I can remember, and my niece who is 16 wanted to know if she could open an account. I did some digging and found out that this was not possible.

I have outlined everything I learned about the topic below, along with some additional information.


Do You Have to Be 18 to Use Venmo?

As mentioned, you have to be over 18 to make a Venmo account. Although the cash app has been trying to make itself more accessible to users, it's still quite strict about the minimum age requirement to open an account.

If you think about it, their decision not to allow minors to create an account is understandable. Teenagers are at a higher risk of getting scammed.

Also, there's a higher chance of minors spending extravagant amounts. So, they've been barred in a move to prevent misuse of funds.

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Can an Adult Create an Account for a Minor?

Although Venmo's terms of service require you to be over 18 to make an account, they are set to launch a special "delegate account" feature to work around this.

Essentially, you can use your email account, contact number, and bank details to make a sub-account for your kids, which you will then be able to track. They will be given their own Venmo debit card as well. They can send money and receive payments freely as they wish.

However, there is no official launch date as of yet. The only reason we know about this feature is because the prototype was hidden in the Venmo app code. When asked, the app team confirmed that they were working on this.

What Requirements are Needed to Make Venmo Accounts?

Apart from being over 18 years, there are more requirements that you will have to meet to use Venmo (for both Venmo debit and credit cards).

Venmo is a country-bound app. So to use it, you need to be physically located in the United States.

You also will need a valid phone number that can receive text messages. The cell phone number can't be registered with another account either.

Are There Any Venmo Alternatives for Persons Under 18?

As the delegate account feature hasn't launched yet, there are some Venmo alternatives that minors can use.

I've discussed a few of my favorites below.

Greenlight Card

By far, Greenlight Card is the best payment platform for minors to transfer money. It allows you to transfer cash to your child's account, which they can then use like a pre-paid card. You can also set notification alerts and spending restrictions on their account.

One of the most useful restrictions that can be set is a purchasing limit from stores.

With each Greenlight subscription, you get access to 5 different debit cards for your kids.

If a parent likes, they can use Greenlight to open an investment account for their child.

Another benefit is that Greenlight offers monthly savings rewards.

Greenlight Demo Card

Copper Banking

Apart from Greenlight, Copper Banking is another great alternative to send and receive money. It was created with teens in mind, and you can easily connect the Copper Debit Card to Apple and Google Pay to make purchases.

Teens can send cash requests and have their account filled by parents with a simple click.

Teens don't just need to use the instant transfer feature, as they can use the Copper Debit card at over 55,000 ATMs to withdraw cash.

There is also a dashboard that will track spending habits and let you know how your child has been spending their money.

Copper Banking Debit Card

Cash App

Cash App is definitely one of the most popular money transfer services out there. Unlike Venmo, they let users as young as 13 sign up for accounts. However, minors need to ask a parent or legal guardian to approve their account to get started.

The minimum age used to be 18 but they changed it to 13 as of 2021.

Of course, the guardian or parent first needs to be signed up with an account.

Your child will get a special debit card when they sign up for an account as well. They will be able to use it on anything.

Compared to the other 2 options on my list, Cash app has fewer monitoring and oversight features. However, it still offers detailed monthly statements that will notify you about your kid's spending habits.

If you want instant notifications or a dashboard to check what your child has been spending on, you should definitely check out the above options.

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Answered below are some popular questions.

Can You Lie About Your Age on the Venmo App?

No, you can't make a Venmo account by lying about your age, as you need to go through a verification process first. This means adding your bank account details, as well as Social Security Number to get confirmed.

What if Your Child Steals Your Bank Details and Social Security Number to Create an Account?

If Venmo finds out, they will freeze the account which will cause all the money within to be held up.

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Final Thoughts

The minimum age requirement according to Venmo's terms of service is at least 18 years. This is for good reason, as they need to make sure you have proper financial responsibility before spending money.

Although Venmo requires you to be over the specific age limit to open an account, they are working on a special delegate account feature, which gives minors access to a Venmo debit card. This will allow them to send and receive money, with the main linked account being notified of all financial transactions.

As mentioned, a kid can't lie and escape the Venmo card age requirement, as they need to show identity verification. In case they've stolen their parent's details, the cash app will freeze their account.

Hopefully, you found all of the points that were run through useful.

Lindsay Hayes

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