FIXED: Discord Screen Share No Audio [12 Easy Solutions]

Lindsay Hayes

If there is no audio when you try to share your screen on Discord, you could be dealing with a minor system glitch. Turning your computer off and back on should help.

The problem can also be due to Discord's servers being down, or your audio drivers being outdated. You can use a special third-party tool, like the Avast Updater to upgrade your audio drivers.

I've faced the problem a while ago on my older computer. I figured that it was driver-related and was able to fix it. I explained how I did this below, and other solutions you can try out.


How Do You Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Issue?

There are many ways to fix the Discord screen share audio problem, but before we get started, make sure that Discord's servers are not down. None of the below fixes will work if this is the case. You'll have to wait until they're back up again- but you can also contact Discord's customer service team and ask them to sort out the issue.

Also, there is a special server status page that you can visit. You'll be able to tell whether a server is in fact down.

Discord screen share also tends to act up when used on Mozilla Firefox. If you've been trying to do this, nothing will work for you, other than to switch to another browser like Google Chrome or downloading the Discord application.

With that out of the way, here's what you do:

Checking Audio on a Laptop and Headset

Solution 1: Enable Discord Audio Capture

Discord has a dedicated feature that lets you decide whether you want to share your audio while screen sharing. You might think the feature is switched on, when it's actually been disabled the whole time. Go to your account settings to check whether this is the case, and fix it.

Here's how:

Solution 2: Disable Full Screen Mode

Oddly, users have faced Discord audio issues when using full screen mode. You might not have known this and may have been screen sharing on full screen the whole time. Try minimizing the screen and try again. You should be good to go now.

Solution 3: Add Discord Activity

Although I haven't had luck with this fix, I know a couple of users who say that enabling their account activity fixes Discord screen-sharing issues.

Here's what you do:

Solution 4: Enable Legacy Audio Subsystem

If you have an older computer, its hardware may not be compatible with Discord's audio subsystem. However, this can be fixed easily. Enable the Discord legacy audio subsystem button.

Here's how:

Solution 5: Update Discord Application

Discord updates automatically, but it might have malfunctioned and may not be able to update itself. Not to worry; you can go ahead and manually download the latest software version.

There are 2 ways to do this on Windows:


To update Discord on the latest version on Mac computers:

Lady working on the Laptop

Solution 6: Reset Voice Settings

You may not have any audio while screen sharing if you changed your Discord Voice settings. If you remember what you changed, this won't be a problem. Just go back and undo them.

If you don't, then you will need to reset your voice settings.

Here's how:

Solution 7: Restart Your Computer

Always try restarting your computer to see if it helps. Some users have had luck with this, and it usually helps when you're dealing with minor system glitches.

Do the following on Windows computers:

Do the following on Macs:

Solution 8: Temporarily Disable Your Antivirus

Your antivirus keeps your computer safe, but it may restrict even safe third-party apps. This might have happened to the Discord app. So, the only way around it would be to temporarily disable your antivirus.

Avast is arguably the most popular option out there, so let's discuss how to turn it off.

On Windows computers:

On Mac computers:

Be sure to follow the above steps and switch on your antivirus when you're done.

Solution 9: Update Your Audio Driver

If your computer's audio drivers are outdated, you'll face various audio issues, not just the Discord screen share problem.

Before you start updating, know that you can either do the job manually through your Device Manager, or through a special third-party tool. I prefer using a third-party tool, as you'll be able to take care of any other drivers that may be outdated.

The Avast Updater is a personal favorite of mine. Here's how you use it to get Discord audio to work properly:

In case you're interested, here's how to update your drivers manually:

Lady Typing on a Laptop

Solution 10: Give Discord Administrative Access

Your computer might have privacy settings that prevent Discord from working properly. To bypass this, you can give Discord administrative access. Just know that only Windows users can do this.

When it comes to Mac computers, you can't run programs as 'administrator'. Apple is known to prevent third-party apps from have rooting access.

Solution 11: Delete and Reinstall Discord

If all else fails, it might be time to delete and reinstall the Discord app. This will wipe all its data from your computer, so any stubborn software problems causing the audio issue would be cleared.

On Windows computers:

On Macs:

Once done, head to the Discord website and click on the Download button. Wait for the app to reinstall. Hopefully, you'll be able to screen share now.

Solution 12: Check Your Mic

The audio device you're using might be the problem; maybe it's not picking up your voice while you're screen sharing.

If you bought the mic recently, you can get it fixed for free depending on your warranty. Contact the store you bought it from to find out.

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Final Thoughts

There are a couple of reasons why you may be having audio issues when using the Discord screen share feature.

Usually, the audio feature acts up when your Discord settings are configured wrong. I touched on what you need to do to get Discord screen share to work again.

The issue can be also due to a problem with your Discord legacy audio substem, or even your computer's audio drivers. Or, it could be caused by the audio device that you're using - it may not able to transmit audio properly and record your audio input for everyone else on the stream to properly hear. You'll have to get a new input device if this is the case.

Hopefully, you found all the points discussed useful and can use the Discord app now.

Lindsay Hayes

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