[Fixed] Cash App Cant Link Card at This Time Error - 8 Easy Fixes

Lindsay Hayes

If you keep getting an error that prevents you from linking your card to Cash App, you might be dealing with a bad internet connection. Fixing this is easy; just move closer to your router, or disconnect and reconnect back to your WiFi network.

Sometimes, the cash app failed error can be due to system bugs. I'd advise you to update the app and try again. Also, check whether you're using the same registered name for your card - there could be problems if your Cash app account and card have different names.

I faced the problem recently when I tried to link my American Express - turns out, I was dealing with a bug. I described how I fixed it below, along with some additional information.


How Do You Fix the Cash App Cant Link Card at This Time Error?

There are many ways to fix the error message, but first, make sure that the Cash app servers are not down. None of the below fixes will work if this is the case. There's a special system status page that you can visit to check whether this is the issue you're facing.

Also, you can contact Cash app support if you want to know when the servers will be back up again.

Make sure that your bank's servers are not down either. You can visit their system status page if they have one, or call their customer support and find out more details.

With that done, here are some fixes for you:

Person Holding a Debit Card

Solution 1: Check Card Details For Incorrect Information

You might be having trouble linking your card because the details you're entering are wrong. This is usually the main cause of the problem, so always rule it out before moving on to other fixes.

Just double-check your card with the details you're including on the app screen. You can also make things easier by asking a friend or family member to check your card while you're filling out the details.

The details you included might be correct, but Cash App may not be able to link to your card because it has expired or been deactivated. Check the expiration date and contact your bank for a replacement. Just remember that you may have to pay a small fee for the replacement first.

Solution 2: Try a Different Card Cash App

You can't use the same card on two different accounts. Not many users know about this, which could be the cause of your problem. This is to limit fraudulent activities and money laundering.

You also will have to change your card if the name on it and your Cash app account are different. Once again, this is to limit fraudulent activity.

Solution 3: Check Your Internet

The issue can pop up when you try to link your card while using a bad internet connection. Your phone wouldn't able to connect to the app's servers to complete the financial process.

To fix this, move closer to your router to improve your signal, or ditch your WiFi network and use your mobile data.

If you're still having trouble, you can try switching Airplane Mode on and then off. This should clear any network issues.

To enable Airplane Mode on iPhones:

To switch Airplane Mode on for Android:

Solution 4: Clear Cache

Like most apps, the Cash app collects cache and data whenever you open it. However, this cache can become corrupted and cause issues. You can clear its temporary memory if this is the problem.

Follow these steps on Androids to fix the Cash app:

On iPhones to fix the Cash app:

Solution 5: Update the Cash App to the Latest Version

You might keep getting the error because you're trying to link your card while using an outdated version of the Cash app. It could be bugging out, so update it immediately.

Keep in mind that you need a stable internet connection before you get started, or the update will take forever.

All you have to do is open your respective app store, search for the Cash app, then click on the update button next to it. You need to have the latest patch with bug fixes.

Woman Making an Online Payment Using Debit Card

Solution 6: Restart the Phone

Cash app might be refusing to link your card because your phone is glitching out. If it's a minor glitch, you can try turning your phone off and on to fix it.

However, if the glitch is more stubborn, you will have to force restart your device. It's essentially a more comprehensive restart method.

On Androids, the method to restart differs depending on the model that you're using. Usually, holding the Power button for around 10 seconds will solve the issue.

On iPhones, things get a bit more complicated.

To force-restart iPhones with Face ID, as well as the SE 2 and 3:

On iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:

iPhone 6, 6S and SE (1st gen):

On iPads with Face ID:

On iPads with Home buttons to fix cash app can't link card issue:

Solution 7: Delete and Reinstall Cash App

If you still have no luck, it might be time to delete and reinstall Cash app. Any complex software problems that were causing the "can't link card" message will be gone.

Of course, once you delete and reinstall the app, you will have to sign back in from the top.

To uninstall an app on iPhones:

On Androids:

Solution 8: Contact Cash App Customer Service

Cash app might be having trouble on their end - they may be facing a bug that they haven't released a patch for yet. Contact the Cash app customer service team and tell them what you're facing. They should release a patch that will allow you to add credit and debit cards now.

Also, if the Cash app is due to a bug, it might be just on the app version of the platform. Visit the cash app website and try to link your bank account from the Cash app home screen. You can use any browser to visit the Cash app website.

Man Holding a Mobile and Credit Card


Answered below are some popular questions.

1. Why Can't I Link My Debit Card to Cash App?

There are multiple reasons why cash app can't link your card, and they include:

2. Why is My Cash App Account Locked?

You may have been making several transfers, which could have caused the app team to get suspicious. They may have temporarily locked you if they think your account has been hacked.

When you get your account locked, you can still make future payments. You just won't be able to log in for a while.

You will receive a special email within 24 to 48 hours about how the cash app team has concluded its investigation. You should be able to log back in after this.

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Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why you may not be able to link your bank account to Cash app. We hope these fixes helped you solve the issue.

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