What is Roblox Error Code 524? Plus 8 Quick and Easy Fixes

Lindsay Hayes

If you keep getting hit with Roblox error code 524, you're probably dealing with some kind of authorization problem. This can be due to a couple of different reasons, but you joining a server that's full or one that you don't have access to are major contenders.

But at the same time, the error can be due to your firewall blocking the game. You'll have to head to your device's network settings to sort this out.

The error code is really common, and I've got hit with it a bunch of times. I don't think too much about it when it pops up, but my little cousin got hit with it recently and was panicking. I explained to him that it wasn't a big deal, and a couple of easy ways to sort it out.

So, I thought about doing this for you too.


Why Does Roblox Error Code 524 Appear?

Roblox Error code 524 pops up when you aren't authorized to access the game server that you're trying to join. This can be due to a few different reasons, and they include:

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1. Roblox Servers Are Down (Admin Servers)

A lot of the time, the error code pops up when Roblox's servers are down. I don't mean the specific game server that you're trying to join, but Roblox's admin servers instead. You can check out the Roblox server status page to figure out whether this is the case. If it is, there'll be a message on it telling you that the platform's currently down.

If Roblox is down, there's really nothing you can do about it other than wait it out. This unfortunately might mean that you have to wait a few hours.

2. You're Using a New Roblox Account

The error code can pop up if you're using a really new Roblox account. Some Roblox game servers only let you join them if your account is over 30 days old. This most likely was set to limit bots, so you'll be automatically kicked if you're using a brand-new account.

3. You're Banned From the Server

There's a chance that you're not able to access the server because its creator banned you. If you only get hit with the error code on that particular server and not any others, there's a very good chance of this. You can always try speaking to them or you can get a mutual friend to reach out to them.

4. You're Joining Private Servers/VIP Servers

You might be getting hit with the error because you're trying to join a private VIP server, where only users who were invited are allowed to join and play. You'll have to ask the server owner to let you in if you want to join.

5. The Server Has Reached Its Capacity

You can also get stuck with the error code when you're trying to join a Roblox server that's full. There should be a notification that pops up telling you this, apart from error code 524.

6. Computer Firewall Acting Up

Sometimes your Windows firewall can block ports that normally let you access Roblox's servers. This all comes down to it doing its job too well, and seeing the Roblox client as a potential threat. The only way to take care of this would be to tweak your firewall's settings.

Here's how you can fix the Roblox error code:

Keep in mind to follow the above steps again and change the firewall settings to what they were once you're done.

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7. Bad Internet Connection

You might not be able to get into your game server because your internet connection isn't the best. Most likely, you're dealing with a slow network connection. You can use sites like Ookla to help you figure this out.

When it comes to why your internet might be slow all of a sudden, you might have a bunch of other devices connected to your Wi-Fi.

Of course, your connection can also be weak if you're far away from your router. So, try moving closer to it and then check whether you're able to play Roblox again.

Before I move on to my next troubleshooting step, I also have to mention that the internet issue might be due to some kind of problem on your ISP's end. One of their network towers might be down - you probably got a text message about it.

8. Corrupted Game Files

Last but not least, you might not be able to play Roblox because of corrupted game files. It's hard to say why you're dealing with this, but deleting and then reinstalling Roblox should take care of whatever's causing the error.

Here's how you can uninstall the Roblox game client on Windows 10:

Here's the game fix for Macs:

Once you've deleted the app, you can head to the Roblox website, and then click on the Download button to reinstall Roblox again. You should hopefully not get any authorization errors when you try to open online games now.


Answered below are some popular questions.

1. Does Error Code 524 Mean That You Were Banned From Roblox?

Apart from the above reasons, quite a few users think that error code 524 pops up when you get banned from the platform. But this is not true. If you've been banned, you'd be blocked from logging in. So, you'd not be able to get into the Roblox page to even be hit with error 524 (or any other error codes).

But in general, if you have been banned, you can always try and appeal the ban. All you have to do is contact the Roblox support team and try and plead your case. Depending on the specific rule that you broke, and how serious it was, this may not be that easy, though.

2. What is the Error Code 666 on Roblox?

Error Code 666 is pretty much a myth - it's not even an error per se. It's an urban legend about a user known as guest 666, and his hacking skills. There's really no proof that he ever existed.

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Final Thoughts

As mentioned, Roblox error code 524 is an authorization error, so it pops up for different reasons. Some of them include you trying to access Roblox games with an account that's less than 30 days, or you trying to access a private server, or even one that has unfortunately banned you.

But at the same time, the issue can be due to server maintenance: Roblox servers face downtime sometimes, so you'll have to wait for this to be sorted which can take a few hours.

Hopefully, you found all of the points that were run through useful, and are able to start playing Roblox without Roblox error code 524 popping up.

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