What is G-Shift for Your Logitech Mouse? (The Basic Guide)

Lindsay Hayes

If you have a modern Logitech mouse or keyboard, then it likely has G-Shift mode. When you use G-Shift by pressing the assigned button on your mouse or keyboard, it basically switches your keys or mouse buttons into a secondary set of assignments. It's quite like how when you hold the Shift key on your keyboard, you can input symbols instead of numbers.

I have a Logitech gaming mouse, the G604 to be precise, and I got it specifically for gaming. Even though the mouse has several buttons, I really needed more functionality out of it when playing MOBAs. Fortunately, I knew all about G-Shift mode and I set it up right away.

So, if you're wondering, what is G-Shift for on your Logitech mouse or keyboard, this guide will show you the way. Let's get right into it.


What is G-Shift Mode for Your Logitech Mouse?

The G-Shift mode that you can set up on your Logitech keyboard or mouse is basically a modifier button.

When you hold down the G-Shift button, it basically opens your mouse buttons or your keyboard up to a completely different set of functions until you let go of the G-Shift key.

For example, if you have a mouse with two extra buttons, you can set one to be your G-Shift button.

If your left mouse button is originally your Fire button, you can set things up so that once you have the G-Shift button pressed down, that mouse button becomes the button to throw your grenade. Then, once you let go of the G-Shift modifier, it's back to being your Fire button.

As long as you have a Logitech G Series mouse or keyboard, you can set a button to hold down to activate G-Shift mode.

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How Do You Set Your G-Shift Button?

So, if the G-Shift functionality sounds pretty exciting to you, the next thing to learn is how to actually turn it on for your Logitech gaming keyboard or gaming mouse.

To do this, you'll need to go through the Logitech Gaming Hub, or G Hub, software.

If you already have the G Hub software installed, you can go straight to the steps below, but if you don't, you can download it from here.

Simply run the setup file once the download is complete, follow the steps, and you're good to go.

Now then, once Logitech's Gaming Hub software is installed, just do the following to set a button to use G-Shift:

  1. Launch Logitech Gaming Hub (G Hub).
  2. Click on your Logitech G Series mouse or keyboard whichever one you want to activate the G-Shift mode from. I personally recommend the mouse because it is easier to hold down a button on your gaming mouse while still maintaining a lot of functionality.
  3. Open the "Assignments" tab. Its icon is a plus sign in a square.
  4. From the left side panel, choose "System" from the options at the top.
  5. In the search bar, type in the letter "G".
  6. Now, from the filtered results, you'll see "G-Shift". Click and drag it over the mouse button or whichever of your keyboard keys you want to assign it to.
  7. The option assigned to that button should now show as the G-Shift function.

Can You Make G-Shift Toggle On or Off?

To use the G-Shift command, you'll need to hold down the button on your gaming mouse and then put in your G-Shift inputs.

It's understandable that this isn't convenient for a lot of people. Being able to have G-Shift enabled or disabled would be a lot more helpful for some.

Unfortunately, there's no way to do this in the Logitech gaming software. You'll have to hold down your G-Shift button for as long as you want to use any of its assignments.

How Do You Configure Your Buttons After Pressing the G-Shift Key?

The previous section showed you how to assign the G-Shift feature to any of your mouse or keyboard keys in Logitech G Hub.

However, this is only one part of using G-Shift. You actually have to set the G-Shift functions that you can choose from when you enable it.

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Fortunately, configuring G-Shift is made super easy by Logitech G Hub. Follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Logitech G Hub.
  2. Select the mouse or keyboard that you want to configure the G-Shift keys on.
  3. Once you do, make sure that you're in the Assignments tab by clicking on its icon at the left.
  4. Underneath the graphic of the Logitech gaming mouse or keyboard at the right side of the window, toggle the switch from "Default" to "G-Shift".
  5. Now, you can drag and drop commands and actions from the Assignments menu onto whichever of the buttons on your mouse or keys on your keyboard that you choose. These commands will be specific to G-Shift mode.

Just like that, now when playing with any of your Logitech peripherals, you can turn on the G-Shift with a mouse or keyboard button and use any G-Shift command that you've set.

How Do You Know If You Can Use G-Shift with Your Keyboard or Mouse?

The G-Shift option can only be enabled and configured through the Logitech G Hub software. This means that the mouse or keyboard you use has to be made by Logitech.

However, even at that, Logitech G Hub is not compatible with all Logitech peripherals. You will need to make sure that you have any of their compatible gaming mice or keyboards before you can think of using G-Shift.

One good way to know if your Logitech keyboard or mouse will work with Logitech G Hub is if it is part of the G Series. Most modern Logitech G Series mice and keyboards support the G-Shift feature.

These are the models of Logitech mice and keyboards that have a "G" as the first character of the model name. For instance, I have a Logitech G604 Gaming Mouse. That G means that it will work with Logitech Gaming Hub.

What are Macros?

Macros are super useful for competitive gamers, and thankfully, Logitech G-Shift allows you to set macros to buttons on your gaming mouse or macro keys on your keyboard.

But before we get into that, what exactly are macros?

To put it simply, when you create macros, you're assigning a sequence of button presses or a combination of keys into a single button press. This can help a lot if you want to perform complex actions very smoothly.

For instance, imagine there's a combo in the fighting game you're playing that requires you to press Left, Right, Up, Up, then your punch button. Creating macros lets you condense that entire button sequence, and others, into a single button press.

So, you can have a bunch of macros set to your gaming mouse or gaming keyboard, but your Logitech G-Shift profile will let you bring out several more with the same set of keys.

How to Set Up Macros in Logitech Gaming Software?

Logitech G Hub makes it very easy to set up macro actions. Once you're done putting them together, you can assign them to work when G-Shift is enabled and you press the correct key.

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Here's how to set up a macro in the G Hub software:

  1. Launch Logitech G Hub.
  2. Click on whichever of your gaming peripherals you want to set the macro to.
  3. Make sure that you're in the Assignments tab and click the "Macros" option from the top of the left panel.
  4. Click "Create New Macro".
  5. Type in whatever you want to name the macro. This could be to describe what it is for, such as "Fireball Combo" or so.
  6. Press "Enter".
  7. Now, you have to define what kind of macro you're making. "No Repeat" is for actions that you would have pressed just once, like using a healing potion or a certain combo. I will be using this one as an example. "Repeat While Holding" is perfect when you want a macro that will continue to play over and over for as long as you hold the button, which could be useful if you want a character to continuously sort items in their inventory. "Toggle" is just like "Repeat While Holding" in that the action will continue playing, except you just need to press a button to activate it (and then the same button again to turn it off). Finally, "Sequence" will let you set different functions to a key when it is pressed, held down, and then released.
  8. Press "Start Now".
  9. This is where it gets rather complex since there are many different options to create a macro with. However, we'll choose the most basic, which is "Record Keystrokes".
  10. Once you've pressed that, you can put in a sequence of clicks or presses on your gaming mouse or gaming keyboard.
  11. Press "Stop Recording" once you're done.
  12. Press "Save".
  13. Now, you can assign the macro to any of your buttons. You can also toggle G-Shift on and assign it as a G-Shift action.

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Final Words

Logitech G-Shift is a feature in G Hub that lets you access a secondary set of buttons or key actions when a specific G-Shift button that you assign is held down. You can choose which key you want to activate G-Shift, and then you basically customize a new G-Shift set of button shortcuts.

To use Logitech G-Shift, you will need any of the gaming peripherals from Logitech's G Series. You can usually tell these because they have a "G" in the model name. You can even assign macros to work under G-Shift mode, which is awesome.

Was this article able to show you everything about G-Shift and how it can improve your gaming experience? If so, take a look at some of our other articles to learn more.

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