What is a Discord Kitten? Here's a Quick Breakdown

Lindsay Hayes

Discord Kittens are users who are pampered like "kittens", and they in return provide the user who's spoiling them with companionship, like e-date them. Basically, it's the Discord version of a sugar baby.

I've been using Discord for a while, but I didn't personally get to know any Discord kittens until I joined a friend's server recently. There were a couple of kittens there, and I bit the bullet and asked them all about it. I know that quite a few users might be confused about what the term is, so I thought about running you through it.

While at it, I also ran through additional information on the topic, like where you can find Discord kittens, and what kinds of gifts they usually get.

Sound good?


What is a Discord Kitten?

A Discord kitten is someone who's pampered by another Discord user, and in return gives them their time and companionship. How are they pampered? They get gifts, like Discord Nitro and Twitch subscriptions, but it can be anything really.

If you think that a Discord kitten is a lot like a sugar baby, I wouldn't blame you. The two are similar, except that Discord kittens don't really do anything sexual. Now, you don't have to be a girl to be a Discord kitten, as guys can be one too.

Most Discord kittens are submissive and act naive with the user who pampers them, who happens to be called their Discord daddy.

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Most users agree that Twitter user SlayTypeDA coined the term Discord kitten: it was used in one of his tweets from December 2016. Although he did invent it, the phrase didn't really catch on until YouTuber Quackity used it on one of his streams.

Although being a Discord Kitten might sound nice, there are some potential risks to it. The Discord daddy that they are with can try and extort them, or be emotionally abusive. All around, they might just be a creep that is trying to take advantage of them.

Does Discord Allow Kitten-Daddy Relationships?

Yes, Discord does allow Discord Kitten daddy relationships. They don't have any rules against online relationships, which this technically falls under. But they do advise that all users that enter into online relationships, regardless if it's a kitten daddy relationship or a regular one, exercise caution.

What Gifts Do Discord Kittens Receive From Discord Daddies?

There are a couple of different gifts that Discord kittens usually get, and they include:

Discord Nitro

Usually, Discord kittens get Nitro as gifts. You probably already know what it is, but it's a special Discord subscription that gives you access to GIF profile pictures, and the ability to customize your account on top of other benefits.

Twitch Subscriptions

Apart from Discord Nitro, a lot of Discord kittens get free subscriptions to their favorite Twitch streamers.

Steam Games

Quite a few Discord kittens happen to be gamers, so Discord daddies also tend to buy them Steam games, or Steam gift cards.

Monetary Gifts

Wealthier Discord daddies are known to Venmo or CashApp their kittens. Most of the time, they do this after they role-play, or perform favors.

Material Gifts

Some kittens trust their DIscord daddies enough to give them their addresses. So, they get items sent from their Amazon wishlist, or through online stores of their choosing.

Are Discord Kittens Different From UWU Girls?

UWU girls are a term reserved for anyone who is naive and acts like the stereotypical cutesy, female Anime character. It isn't specific to the Discord online community, as Twitch users use it too.

'Kittens' are also stereotypically naive, and cute, so the two have this in common. But at the same time, they're in a dating-like relationship with someone who pampers them. Plus, the slang term is Discord exclusive, hence its name.

What exactly does 'UWU' mean? It's a happy face that Anime characters make. So, with a UWU girl's demeanor in mind, it's no surprise that they were named after it.

As the two do overlap, some UWU girls are Discord Kittens, and vice versa.

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How Can You Become a Discord Kitten?

The fastest way to become a Discord kitten is by joining e-dating Discord servers. Once on these servers, you can advertise yourself by announcing your prospects on the chat, or by making it your Discord status. Here's how you can change your account status:

Of course, remember to set some boundaries before you go around advertising yourself. Remember that you can get taken advantage of, otherwise.


Answered below are some popular questions.

How Do You Treat a Discord Kitten?

If you were interested in what I said and perhaps want to get a Discord kitten of your own, you have to be mindful of how you treat them - always make sure that they are pampered.

Apart from showering your Discord kitten with gifts, you also need to be kind and compassionate with them.

And of course, do not be pushy. A lot of Discord daddy-kitten relationships come to an end after a lack of trust and boundaries.

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Final Thoughts

As I said, Discord Kittens are consenting adults who are in online relationships with other Discord users, who they call Discord daddies. In return for their online interactions, kittens get pampered and are basically sugar babies. Some of the gifts they end up getting include Discord Nitro and Twitch subscriptions, but they can get monetary gifts too.

Although most kittens are female users, guys can be kittens too. As you can imagine, there are some potential risks to adopting the lifestyle. Kittens can end up being stuck with someone who is abusive, or just creepy.

Hopefully, you found all of the points that were run through useful.

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