What Does catJAM Mean? The Origins and How to Use This Emote?

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The catJAM emote is a charming emote that depicts a white cat bobbing its head as if enjoying a song. You've probably seen it on videos of people playing music or in Twitch channels when a cool tune is on. catJAM is simply a fun way of expressing that you love a song on stream.

A social platform like Twitch is always changing so it is easy to get lost. I love Twitch, so for years, I've been keeping myself up to date on the newest GIF and emote trends.

So what's the catJAM Twitch emote meaning? This guide has you covered on that, as well as how to use the catJAM emote. Let's get right into it.


What Is the catJAM Twitch Emote Meaning?

The catJAM emote features a cat seemingly bopping its head along with the music.

This popular emote expresses how much you love a good song that's being played on stream. It doesn't matter whether the music was put on by the streamer or if it's playing in the background. As long as someone is vibing with the music, they can post catJAM.

The emote can also be used ironically. Sometimes viewers will use the emote when unpleasant music is played.

catJAM isn't just an emote on Twitch. It's an infamous meme that's used across all social media platforms, particularly Twitter.

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What is the Origin of the catJAM Emote?

The origin of catJAM has its roots in a viral TikTok video of a vibing cat. TikTok user "Micklagi" posted a video of his cat bopping its head to "I Wanna Dance" by Jonas Blue.

The original video quickly became a hit and spread to other social media platforms.

It became a viral meme when drummer Bilal Goregen posted a video of the cat vibing to his cover of Levan Polkka.

catJAM eventually became popular over the entire internet. It would soon spread to Twitch when it was uploaded to BTTV by user "MadLittleCat".

The emote didn't reach peak popularity on Twitch until it was added to xQc's Twitch channel in late July 2020. With this, it gained popularity, being added to many more streamer chats.

Today, many of the biggest streamers have the catJAM emote enabled on their channels.

How to Use catJAM Emote on Your Twitch Account?

You can get catJAM and other emotes on Twitch by downloading one of two browser extensions: BTTV or FrankerFaceZ.


BTTV, or Better Twitch TV, is an extension that opens up new Twitch features and custom emotes. This version of catJAM is more popular because it's animated.

  1. Open the BTTV website.
  2. Download the appropriate extension for your browser.
  3. Configure your BTTV settings by going to any streamer's chat.
  4. Open chat settings.
  5. Select "BetterTTV Settings".


FrankerFaceZ is another extension that gives you access to catJAM. You can even customize your Twitch interface.

  1. Open the FrankerFaceZ site.
  2. Download the appropriate extension for your browser.
  3. Click "Connect with Twitch".
  4. Now link your Twitch account with FFZ.

You can only use the catJAM emote with streamers that have it enabled for their Twitch channels.

When Should You Use the CatJAM Emote on Twitch?

Now that you have the catJAM emote on Twitch, you're probably wondering when to use it. The best time is when you want to show that you're enjoying the song that's playing.

You don't only have to post the catJAM emote on Twitch. It shows that you're vibing to music on any platform.

However, many users post it ironically when a streamer is listening to strange or unpleasant music.

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How to Add catJAM to Your Twitch Channel?

If you're a streamer that wants to add catJAM to their channel, you'll need to have the BTTV browser extension installed.

Sign in to BTTV with your Twitch details to authorize your account.

After this, select "emote list". You'll be able to configure your emotes and add catJAM and other emotes to your channel.

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Final Words

The catJAM emote is commonly used to show how much you enjoy a piece of music playing on a Twitch stream. It's also used ironically for unpleasant songs.

If you want to start posting the catJAM emote, you'll need to download the FFZ or BTTV browser extension. The Better Twitch TV version is more widely used because it's animated, unlike the FFZ version.

Did this article answer your questions on what the catJAM emote is? If it did, you can check out our related articles to learn more.

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