[FIXED] ‘Venmo Password Reset Link Not Working’ Issue

Lindsay Hayes

The most common reason behind the Venmo password reset link not working issue is using an incorrect link, a technical glitch, or having a VPN enabled. You can fix it by requesting for another password reset link, checking Venmo's service status or disabling your VPN.

I recently faced this when my Venmo account password reset link failed to work and repeatedly resulted in a "404 error" page. After some research and troubleshooting, I discovered that the problem was due to my VPN being enabled. Upon disabling my VPN and requesting a new reset password link, I was finally able to reset my password successfully. 

If you are facing the same problem, here are all the ways that you can use to fix the “Venmo password reset link not working” in no time.


How to Fix "Venmo Password Reset Link Not Working" Issue?

1. Check Venmo Servers

If you have a stable connection but still encounter the problem, the cause could be the Venmo servers. In such cases, there is limited action that can be taken to resolve the issue as it is a common occurrence for Venmo servers to become overwhelmed.

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To check the server status of the Venmo account, you can go to the Venmo website or check its Twitter handle. Venmo will usually inform users of any known server issues or scheduled maintenance.

If you find that the server issues are on Venmo's end, the solution is to wait for the issue to be resolved. You can also try resetting your Venmo account password at a later time when the servers have cleared up.

Additionally, you can contact Venmo support to inquire about the status of the server issue and when it's expected to be resolved.

2. Don't Use a VPN

VPNs are commonly used to protect your online privacy and security by encrypting your connection. However, they can also interfere with the password reset process. This is because VPNs can change your IP address and make it difficult for Venmo to recognize your device or location.


To disable your VPN, you'll need to go into your device's settings or the VPN app itself and turn it off. Once you've done this, try resetting your password again and see if that resolves the issue.

Keep in mind that disabling your VPN may impact your online security and privacy, so make sure to turn it back on after you've reset your password. 

3. Check the Stability of Your Internet Connection

Checking the stability of your internet connection can be an important step to troubleshoot issues with the password reset link not working.

A slow or unreliable connection can cause delays in sending password reset emails or texts, which can make it difficult for you to reset your password. 

It can also cause the password reset feature to malfunction.


To determine the stability of your mobile internet connection, you can run a speed test on your device. 

Using a site like Fast will show you the strength of your internet connection and determine if it's strong enough to receive a functioning password reset link from Venmo.

If you find that your internet connection is slow or unreliable, there are a few things you can do to improve it:

If you find that none of these solutions work, you may need to contact your internet service provider for further assistance.

It's important to keep in mind that a stable internet connection is essential for many online activities, so it's always a good idea to regularly check and optimize your internet connection.

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4. Recheck Your Credentials

Rechecking your Venmo username and password is an important step in troubleshooting issues with the Venmo reset link not working.

It's easy to mix up the Venmo username and password, so make sure you're entering the correct Venmo account username and password associated with your account. 

Double-checking your credentials can prevent issues such as being unable to reset your password due to entering the wrong information.

Additionally, ensure that your account’s email address or phone number is still active and accessible. If you can't access the email address or phone number that you used to sign up for Venmo, you will not be able to reset your password.

In this case, you can contact Venmo customer support for assistance in updating your contact information.

Rechecking your credentials can also help if you've recently changed your contact information but are still trying to reset your password with your old information.

Few Extra Steps You Can Take

There are a few extra steps to make sure you get access to your Venmo account back:

Boost Your Mobile Signal Strength

It's essential to note that having a robust mobile signal is crucial to obtain a working password reset link. A weak or unreliable signal can lead to interruptions or delays in the password reset process.

When you enter your mobile number to request the reset link, be sure to check the signal strength. If the signal is weak, it may be challenging for Venmo to send the link to your app.

To resolve this issue, try moving to a different location where you can receive a stronger signal, such as a different room in your house or going outside.

Additionally, you can turn off the airplane mode if it's currently on, as it can affect your mobile signal.

If you're still having trouble receiving the password reset link, contact your mobile service provider to find out if there are any issues with your signal or network coverage.

Check the Browser You Are Using

Sometimes, certain browsers or devices may not be compatible with the password reset feature or Venmo app. This could be due to outdated browser versions, browser extensions, or other factors that can cause the password reset feature to malfunction.

To check your browser, try resetting your password using a different browser or device. This could be as simple as opening a new window in an incognito or private browsing mode.

If you find that the problem is specific to your browser or Venmo app, try updating it to the most recent version. Clearing your browser's cache and cookies can also help to resolve any issues.

If none of these solutions work, you can also try using a different device or computer to reset your password, or also can use the incognito mode.

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Check Spam Filter

If you're having trouble receiving a link from Venmo to reset your Venmo account password, it's possible that your password reset message from the company has been blocked or accidentally archived.

This can happen due to a number of reasons, such as your phone's spam filter, your email provider's spam filter, or other factors.

To unblock messages from Venmo, follow these steps:

It's important to keep in mind that unblocking messages from Venmo can be a crucial step in resolving issues with the link to reset the Venmo password not working.

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Final Thoughts

If none of these solutions work for you, don't hesitate to reach out to Venmo's customer support team for further assistance. They'll be more than happy to help you reset your Venmo password so that you can send and receive money in no time.

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