What is the POGo Twitch Emote? Here's a Quick Breakdown

Lindsay Hayes

The POGo Twitch emote is a BTTV emoticon that's used to tell a streamer that you don't care about what they're saying or playing. Users will send it if the streamer switches to a boring game mid-round. As I said, it's a BTTV emote, so you'll need the extension to use it.

Apart from Twitch, I've seen the POGo emote being used on Discord a bunch of times - many gamers use it on servers to show indifference or disinterest in the conversation.

If you want a closer look at what the POGo emote is used for, where POGo originated, and how you can use it with the BTTV extension, read ahead.


What is the POGo Twitch Emote?

POGo is a special emote that's found on the BTTV extension, a third-party tool that lets you use emotes outside Twitch.

The emote was uploaded to the tool on April 2020. It's used to show that you don't care about the stream. You can use it to express something like "cool story bro" or "whatever" without using words.

POGo came from a blooper reel of gamer Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez. He has a few other emotes that you might have come across like the POGu emotes or POGchamp.

Also, the POGo emote isn't available on FFZ, which is another third-party tool for emoticons. I've explained how you can download and use BTTV below.

Now that you know POGo's meaning and history, you might be wondering how to pronounce it. It's 'POG', like 'cog' with an 'O' at the end.

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How Do You Use the POGo Emote?

You can't just use the POGo emote; you'll need the BTTV tool. Also, the streamer needs to have the emoticon enabled on the extension first.

If you're a newbie, you might be wondering what BTTV is in the first place. It's a third-party extension whose sole purpose is to enable players to use extra emoticons that are not on a chat.

To use the BTTV tool on your Twitch account:

If you can't use the emoticon, keep in mind that streamers need to enable the Pogo emote on the extension first.

Is the Pogo Emote Banned on Twitch?

No, the POGo emote is not banned. You need a special third-party tool to send it.

Its counterpart POGchamp is, however. The POGchamp ban happened after Ryan Gutierrez posted some very controversial remarks. POGchamp is still accessible on BTTV, though it's not an FFZ emote.

Twitch usually removes any emoticons that are seen as offensive. They have a special guideline page that you can check out - they don't allow obscene, sexual, or hateful symbols in their chat emotes. However, even when they've been removed, you might still be able to use BTTV to access them.

Recently, Twitch streamer and TikToker, Chica, had one of her emotes removed. It was ChicaL, and Twitch's reasoning was that people used to use it to bully other viewers.

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Final Thoughts

The POGo emote can be used to show that you aren't really interested in the stream. It's the opposite of the Pogchamp emote variation, which has positive expressions.

I also looked at how Pogo originated - it came from a blooper real of the famous gamer, Ryan Gutierrez (it also birthed the POGchamp and POGu).

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