What is the OMEGALUL Meaning? Here's Every Newbie's Guide

Lindsay Hayes

OMEGALUL is a BetterTTV (BTTV) emoticon that can be used to represent a reaction of intense laughter. It was actually cut from a picture of TotalBiscuit at the Major League Gaming championship back in 2013.

I've been using the Omega lul emote ever since I first found it on TotalBiscuit's channel - when it was a subscriber-only emote. It actually was the reason I got the BetterTV extension in the first place since it was the only way to access it when it got deleted.

These days I see it everywhere, even on Discord servers outside of the gaming industry/community. So with this in mind, I thought about running through everything you need to know about it.


What Does OMEGALUL Mean?

OMEGALUL is a BTTV emoji that's used whenever something funny happens, like when the streamer accidentally dies during an important battle, or something funny happens in real life during the livestream. Since the OMEGA LUL emote is a BTTV emote, you can't find it on Twitch's global emote list. You'll need to download the BetterTV extension to get a hold of it.

The emoji was cut from a clip of late content creator, John TotalBiscuit - one of the most prominent voices in the Twitch community at the 2013 Major League Gaming championship. A Twitch user originally pulled it from a picture that he found on Flickr. He edited it - the best way that I can describe the editing is him making Bain's face look like it was going through a funhouse mirror.

In 2014, Omegalul eventually became a subscriber-only emote on TotalBiscuit's (John Bain) Twitch chat. But it ultimately got deleted due to a DMCA claim from the photographer who originally took the picture of Totalbiscuit Bain.

OMEGALUL Meme on a Black Background

Since users loved the emoticon so much, they saved it by adding it to the BetterTTV Twitch extension. Like I said, OMEGALUL was actually the reason I first downloaded BTTV years ago.

I know what you may be wondering now - how do you get a hold of the BTTV, and second, how do you use it to access the OMEGALUL emote? Here's a step-by-step guide so that you can show you're on the floor laughing during a stream:

The cool thing about BetterTV is that you get a bunch of additional emotes and not just access to OMEGALUL. (I ran through two of my favorites later on).

As of right now, there is no news of the omegalul emote becoming one of the Twitch global emotes. It's pretty popular, so there is a chance that this can happen just not anytime too soon.

What Does KEKW Mean Twitch?

I've actually done a separate article on the KEKW emote that you might like. But while we're here, the KEKW emote is another emoji that you can send whenever you find something on a Twitch chat funny.

I would say that the OMEGALUL emote would be used when something is fall on the floor funny, while KEKW can just be used if you want to show that you chuckled.

The KEKW emote is based on comedian Juan Joya Borja, and it's pretty popular, even being on quite a few Discord servers.

Once again, you're looking at another emoticon that is not a global emote. So, you'll need to download BetterTV (or FFZ) to get a hold of it. You can use the tutorial I mentioned earlier to download BTTV to use it on a Twitch chat.

Woman Chatting with Friends over the Phone

What is MonkaW?

While OMEGALUL is used whenever something funny happens, the MonkaW emote is the complete opposite, mostly being used whenever something serious happens on stream.

In Forsen's community recently, he was having a hard time beating Yiazmat in Final Fantasy 12 - I and a few other users kept spamming Monkaw during the fight because we were so nervous.

To use MonkaW, you'll need the BTTV extension, meaning it's not a global Twitch emote.

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Final Thoughts

OMEGA LUL emote is a popular emote of Totalbiscuit Bain laughing. It's basically another way to say lol or ROFL.

John Totalbiscuit Bain uploaded the emote to his Twitch channel, but it eventually go taken down. So, you'll need the BetterTV extension to get a hold of it.

I ran through both what the OMEGA LUL emote means, and also how you can use the extension. So, I hope you found this ultimate guide useful!

Lindsay Hayes

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