How to Fix Minecraft VeinMiner Not Working?

Lindsay Hayes

If you're dealing with Minecraft VeinMiner not working, you can quickly resolve it by making sure the mod is enabled, configuring the list of blocks with commands, disabling a conflicting mod, or making sure to press the correct key.

I've been an avid Minecraft player for years, and I've run into many issues while modding. I've often experienced difficulties getting Veinminer to function like it's supposed to. I've come across a few methods that always help me get it running.

If you're encountering problems with Minecraft VeinMiner not working, this guide is for you. We'll discuss how to ensure that it is properly configured, and works in the game. Let's get into it.


The Problem Explained

Minecraft is a popular multiplayer game that features mods that enhance the depth of the game. VeinMiner is a popular mod that makes it easier to gather resources from ore veins. Destroying just one block will mine and collect multiple ores automatically.

Before we look into how to fix Minecraft VeinMiner, let's discuss what you should do when it's functioning like it's supposed to.

The VeinMiner mod works to make mining less of a task. It lets users collect an entire vein when they mine just one block with a specific tool. This allows you to enjoy the challenge of mining without spending too much time hunting down every ore in a vein.

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Why is Minecraft Veinminer Mod Not Working?

Despite being one of the more popular mods, many users complain that Minecraft VeinMiner doesn't work as intended. There are four reasons why this happens.

Let's look at why it isn't working, as well as how you can resolve this issue.

Mode is Not Set to Enabled

After installing VeinMiner, you need to ensure that it's active.

How to Fix This?

This issue can be fixed by enabling the mod. This is done in the config folder, but I prefer to do it in-game.

You can change the mode to active by entering the command "/veinminer enable", along with another command like "auto, sneak, or no_sneak” into the chat window.

There is a simple way to test whether the mod is working. With the default settings, open the game and cut down a tree with an axe. If the entire tree is destroyed, then you've successfully configured Vein Miner.

Configure the Compatible Blocks

Some users also complain that it doesn't work with certain types of material, like stone or dirt. You might also have trouble mining blocks with certain tools. This is because you haven't updated the list of compatible blocks and tools.

You can solve this easily with a line of text in-game.

How to Fix This?

You'll need to manually add the blocks that you want to mine with VeinMiner. You can pick your desired blocks and tools through a line of code.

For example, let's say you want to mine a row of stone when you destroy a single stone block with a pickaxe. Load your Minecraft world, open the chat, and type "/veinminer blocklist pickaxe add minecraft:stone".

Another method to manually add blocks is through commands. Enter your Minecraft world and access the command console by pressing "/". Then enter the same line of text mentioned before.

You can replace the terms to pick the specific type of block (dirt, stone, ores, etc.) that you want to mine. You can also use these commands to specify the mining tool (shovel, axe, pickaxe, etc.) you want to use.

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Conflicting Mods

If you have other mods installed, they could interfere with each other and cause problems. This is likely to happen if any of them work similarly.

How to Fix It?

Try disabling a similar mod, and then check if the issue is fixed. If not, enable it and try again with another. Make sure to take note of which mods you have tested.

Continue this process until VeinMiner is working.

Ability Is Not Activated In-Game

Many players aren't aware that the ability doesn't work automatically. This mistake is a common reason why players think the mod isn't working. Make sure you're pressing the correct key to activate the ability in-game.

How to Fix It?

The VeinMiner capability is only active as long as the player is pressing the crouch button, which is "Shift" by default. Hold down "Shift" and left-click while facing the blocks you want to mine.

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Final Words

VeinMiner is a useful mod that allows players to gather resources and ore with ease. It's one of the best ways to save time in the game. However, it can be difficult to get it to work initially.

If you follow the solutions outlined in this article, you won't have to deal with Minecraft VeinMiner not working the way it's supposed to.

Did this guide help you fix Minecraft VeinMiner? If so, check out some of our related articles to learn more.

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