How To See How Long You've Followed Someone on Twitch (Guide)

Lindsay Hayes

If you're curious to know how long you've been following someone on Twitch, you can do so by using the !Followage chat command while watching the stream.

However, sometimes the command doesn't work because it's disabled or maybe it's unavailable for some users. Turns out there's a solid workaround for that too.

Recently, one of my favorite streamers organized a giveaway for his viewers who had followed him for more than a year. I had to check date since I'd followed him, and luckily, it was well over a year.

In this short guide, I'll show you exactly how to do that using quick and easy steps.


Method 1: Use The Twitch "!Followage" Command In Chat

The easiest way to check how long you've been following someone on Twitch is by using the chat commands on Twitch.

You might have come across these while watching a live stream on Twitch. Users can type certain commands in the chat which trigger specific actions or provide information related to the streamer.

!Followage is one such chat command. In my opinion, it's the quickest way to determine how long you've been following someone on Twitch.

Just type in "!followage" in the chat during a stream, and the streamlabs bot will automatically show you the time you've been a follower of that channel.

There are commands anyone can type (like changing the color of your username or knowing your watch time). On the other hand, some commands are restricted for streamers, moderators, or followers.

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Method 2: Use The Twitch Center Follow Tool

Sometimes, the above chat command won't work because the specific channel has disabled it in their chatbox.

As an alternative method, you can use the Twitch Follow Date tool which shows you the following date for any Twitch channel.

  1. Open up any web browser on your PC or mobile.
  2. In the URL address bar, type in and hit enter. This will open the Twitch Follow Date website.
  3. Enter your Twitch username on the text box that says "USERNAME" and the channel id on the box that says "CHANNEL." You can find these at the end of the channel homepage URL.
  4. Now click on Check Date.

The best part about the Twitch Followage Tool is that there's no limit on its usage. You can use it for any Twitch channel and it's also very accurate as it pulls the data directly from Twitch servers.

How To Check All The Channels Someone Is Following On Twitch?

There's another handy tool that shows you the list of all the channels that a user is following, along with their exact follow date and time data.

It's called the "Twitch Following List" tool and uses Twitch's official API to generate the complete list of followed channels.

Here's how it works:

  1. Open any web browser on your PC/phone and go to
  2. Type the username in the search box provided.
  3. Now click on the "View Following List" button.

The tool will now give you the complete channel list followed by that Twitch user. For each Twitch channel, it'll specify the date and time the user started following that particular channel.

How To Get Twitch Follow Notifications?

If you're following someone on Twitch, you can turn on a go-live notification feature that notifies you every time that streamer goes live.

You can choose between a pop-up, push notification, or e-mail notification where you receive a link to the channel's stream.

To enable this feature, you need to find the "bell icon" just beneath the stream and turn it on. On mobile, you can do this by going into Twitch settings under the "Notifications" tab.

If you prefer to get notifications a certain way, you can go into Settings > Notifications on Twitch and set the notifications the way you like.


How to Check How Long Have You Been On Twitch?

If you want to check when your Twitch account was created, you can use a third-party tool like Twitch Insights. Simply type in your username and click on "Check." It'll show you when your account was created.

Do Twitch Streamers Know When You Unfollow?

No, streamers won't notice it when you unfollow them since there are no notifications or alerts for this. Do note that some third-party tools can do that, but streamers rarely find the need to check that.

To unfollow any streamer on Twitch, go to their channel and find a gray-colored button with a black heart icon. Click it and then press the "Yes, unfollow" button to confirm.

How Do I See Who I First Followed On Twitch?

You can use the "Twitch Following List" tool discussed above to find the first channel you followed. Simply go to, type your username and hit enter.

The tool will show all your following channels. You can find out the oldest followed channel by scrolling to the last name on the list.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Twitch Follower?

Following someone on Twitch "unlocks" many features like getting notifications every time the streamer goes live, being able to communicate in chat during "Follower Only" mode, and much more.

Also, following a Twitch channel helps with its growth and engagement rate, which can be a great way to support other streamers. For example, one of the criteria for new channels to reach Twitch affiliate status is to have 50 followers.

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These are a few easy ways to check for how long you've been following someone on the Twitch platform. We also showed you how to check someone else's follow date as long as you know their username.

Knowing for how long you've been following someone on Twitch can be helpful if you follow a lot of channels. It can also be highly beneficial for a streamer looking to identify their loyal followers, for example, when they're organizing a special event or giveaway.

That's it for this quick guide. If you enjoyed reading, check out our other posts to get Twitch tips and tricks.

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