How to Clean Razer Mousepad? Here's How the Pros Do It

Lindsay Hayes

There are four ways that you can clean a Razer mousepad: the best in my opinion is dipping a microfiber cloth in some water, and then giving your mousepad a good scrub.

My brother got a Razer Goliathus Chroma a while back and wanted to know how to clean it. I told him about how I've been using a microfiber cloth and some cold water to keep mine clean. It's been over a year, and he's been using this trick to keep his mousepad spotless.

So, I thought about running you through this trick, and the other 3 that you can try.


How to Clean Razer Mousepad?

There are a couple of different ways that you can clean your Razer mousepad, but a lot of these tricks will work on other mouse pads and not just Razer ones.

Black Mouse Sitting on Top of a Mouse Mat

Method 1: Use a Microfiber Cloth

From my experience, the best way to clean a Razer mouse pad is by using a microfiber cloth. You'll have to dampen it in a bit of water (both cold and warm water work fine), and then scrub your mouse pad in a circular motion.

If your mousepad is extra dirty, you can add a few drops of dish soap to the water. You'll need another clean cloth to get rid of any soap residue, though.

If the stains are really bad, you can pull out a clean toothbrush and try and brush them away too.

I have to mention that if you are trying this cleaning process out on wired mouse pads, you first need to make sure that they're unplugged. And also, make sure that you've squeezed all the water out of the microfiber cloth before you start wiping down.

Method 2: Use Baby Wipes

You can also clean your mousepad with some baby wipes. Since they're made for babies, you don't have to worry about there being harsh chemicals in them. All you have to do is wipe your mousepad surface with a wipe and then let it dry. I'd say that any brand works fine.

Method 3: Add Some Clear Tape

Compared to the above two methods, this method is not as efficient, especially if you're dealing with some major dirt buildup. However, it's still something that you can try: it's using tape on your mouse pad.

You just remove a portion of the tape, stick it on to where you want, and then rip it off. You can do this to the whole mousepad, and not just a section to make sure that it's completely clean.

I would only recommend this trick if you're dealing with crumbs or light dust, and not any stains.

Method 4: Use a Lint Roller

Instead of using clear tape, you can also use a lint roller. It pretty much does the same job, except that a lint roller might be more expensive to get your hands on.

It's not hard using a lint roller. You first have to make sure it's completely clean (give it a wipe down if it is not), and then roll it up and down your mouse pad. You should now see all the specs and dirt that were trapped on your mousepad lifted off.

Can You Put a Razer Mouse Pad Into a Washing Machine?

No, you can not put a Razer mouse mat into a washing machine. This is true not only for Razer mousepads but a lot of other options in general.

You'd simply let too much water in. Plus, the heat and constant tumbling from the washing machine would destroy it.

Black and Red Mouse Placed on the Mouse Mat

Can I Use Alcohol to Clean Mousepad?

It really depends on the material that your mousepad is made from. You'll need to check its manual and packaging to see whether it can handle rubbing alcohol. You could really stain it badly if you're not careful.

But if you can use rubbing alcohol, you would have to dampen a soft cloth with some of it, and then rub your dirty mousepad down.

I've seen some users ask whether they can clean their mousepads with fabric softener too. Once again, it really depends on the material your mousepad is made from (and sometimes the printing methods used on its designs). So, check its packaging and manual for more information.

How Often Should You Clean Regular Razer Mousepads?

You don't have to clean Razer mousepads that often. About 3-4 times a year is more than enough.

If you're wondering whether there's a way to keep the mousepads clean, I would suggest making sure your hands are clean before you start using your mouse. And also, to make sure that you clean the mat at least 3-4 times a year like I recommended.

Why Does My Mousepad Get Dirty So Fast?

It's because of the dead skin cells and grease from your hands. They collect in the fibers between your mouse pad and cause it to feel 'muddy'. There's really nothing that you can do about this other than clean your hands well each time that you get on your computer.

Can a Dirty Mousepad Affect Gaming?

Yes, a dirty mousepad can affect gaming. Your mouse wouldn't be able to track well. But also, you wouldn't be able to hold your mouse properly either- there'd be friction because of the muck and dirt.


Answered below are some popular questions.

1. How Long Do Mouse Pads Last?

You can expect a good-quality mousepad to last around 5-6 years. You should consider making an upgrade if there is fraying, or if your mouse pad doesn't feel smooth to the touch anymore.

You can get your mousepad to last the longest by doing what I mentioned earlier, and make sure that your hands are clean before you get on the computer Also, making sure that you use the right cleaning methods really helps. For instance, avoiding the washing machine.

2. What Cloth is Used for Mousepads?

Once again, you can check the packaging your mousepad came in for this. But generally speaking, they are made from rubber, and have a soft-woven cloth bonded to the top. Sometimes, though, they don't have any fabric woven on top and are just fully rubber.

3. Are There Any Substitutes for Mousepads?

Yes, there are a few different alternatives that you can use. Some of them include items that you might have lying around the house, like cardboard, wax paper, or even a book hardcover.

At the end of the day, for something to be a good alternative, you need to make sure that it is thick and will let your mouse glide through. Of course, it also needs to be comfortable enough to rest your wrist.

Woman Holding a Mouse Placed on Top of a Mat

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Final Thoughts

There are 4 different ways that you clean Razer mousepads. From them, I think the best is to get a clean microfibre cloth, soak it in some water (can be cold or warm water), and then wipe your mouse mat down. Once you've let your mousepad dry, it should look as good as new.

If there are stains on it, a small amount of mild dish soap, and a clean toothbrush can really help. Just don't be tempted to put your mousepad into a washing machine - it can get seriously damaged.

At the end of the day, each of the methods that I ran through will work if you want to clean an RGB mousepad, Razer, or any other brand. Hopefully, you found everything that was discussed useful.

Lindsay Hayes

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