How to Change Name Color on Discord? Dressing Your Discord Profile Up

Lindsay Hayes

You usually can change your name color by heading to your server's Role channel, and then finding and reacting to role text with the emoji that they've asked. But apart from this, you might be able to go to the Bot channel, and type in !Role, and then use a bot command like .iam to assign one of the server's color roles.

The thing is, you might not be able to change your name color on all Discord servers. It really depends on whether they have color roles set up. I have them on my server, so my brother who's a bit of a newb asked me why he couldn't change his name color on this new gaming server he joined.

I broke it to him that it's not always available, along with all the ways that he can change his name color if a server does have this feature running. If you'd also like a run down, you can read ahead.


How to Change Name Color on Discord?

As mentioned, you can't change your name color on all servers. It really depends on whether the server in question has created color roles in the first place.

But I have a hack for you - even if your server doesn't have designated color roles, they may have roles with specific colors assigned to them, like red for the Gamer role, or blue for Anime fans. You can always pick and assign these roles to get your desired color.

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Method 1: Reaction Message

Most of the time, servers that have color roles have a reaction message set up to help users with assigning. Basically, you can react to this message with a specific emoji, and then get a designated color role assigned.

For instance, if you want to make your name blue, the text might make you react with the blue circle emoji or a green circle emoji for the green role.

A lot of the time, these reaction messages are pinned in the Roles channel somewhere.

Method 2: Use a Bot for the Desired Color

Instead of messages that you can react to, you can potentially assign a custom color by using the !Role command. The server's bot should reply with all of the server's roles, which should include any custom colors that are available.

From here on, you can message a moderator and ask them to change your name to one of their colors, or send a second command and assign the role yourself. This might not be something that you can always do, but on bots like Nadeko, you can enter the .iam role color to assign yourself a color option.

How Do You Create Color Roles On Your Server?

If you're a server owner, or just have admin privileges, you can create color roles for your server members. Not a lot of servers have color roles, so you'll have users keep coming back to you if you set this up.

The process to follow is the same on the Discord mobile app, the desktop application, and the browser version of the platform. Here's how you can start creating roles:

Once you create the new role, there are 2 different ways that you can assign it to users. You can set up a reaction message, like the one I touched on earlier, or try and assign the role yourself.

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You'll have to use a bot if you want to have a reaction message. I would recommend the Hydra bot (the bot is another good choice). Here's how you can use Hydra:

Here's part 2 of what you do:

But instead of the reaction message, you can manually assign the new role to users yourself. Even with this, there are 2 different methods that you can try.

Here's method 1:

Here's method 2:

Of course, users can always use the Nadeko bot to change the name color in Discord themselves. They can use the .iam role that I mentioned earlier to get this done.

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Final Thoughts

You can't change the color of your name on all Discord servers: not all of them have this feature available. But if this option is available, you use a reaction message, get a moderator to change the color of your name or use a bot command like .iam to add the role.

If you want to make color roles on your Discord server, this isn't that hard to do. Also, I think this will really help your server, as more users would want to talk about it. You can open the server's Server Settings bar, and then tap on Roles to create them. You can assign roles yourself, or get the Hydra bot running like I said.

Hopefully, you found all of the points that were run through useful and are able to change the color of your name on either the Discord mobile app or Discord's desktop application

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