How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make Per Prime Sub? From Your Wallet to the Vault

Lindsay Hayes

Twitch streamers can make around $2.5 - 3.5 dollars off Twitch Prime subscriptions, depending on how big of a streamer they are (more on this later).

I've been a subscriber to Ludwig's channel for a while now, and it all started from a free Twitch subscription that I got with Amazon Prime. My friend knew about this and wanted to know whether streamers get anything from the free channel subs that Prime gives.

I explained this to him and thought about doing the same for you too.


How Much Do Streamers Get Paid Per Prime Sub?

Right now, a smaller-medium streamer gets 50% of how much a tier 1 subscription is worth from the Prime sub. While bigger names (like Twitch partners or Twitch affiliates) get to keep 70%.

This means that a regular streamer will make $2.5 off each free channel subscription, while bigger channels get to keep $3.5.

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What is Twitch Prime?

When you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you get some cool gaming features under a special service called 'Prime Gaming'. It used to be called Twitch Prime and is completely free with your Amazon Prime account.

Here are some of the cool gaming perks that you get with the Prime video subscription:

Since you need an Amazon Prime subscription to get a hold of the Twitch Prime benefits, here's how you can go ahead and subscribe to Amazon Prime:

What are the Benefits of Prime Gaming?

As mentioned, there are a bunch of pros to getting a Prime subscription.

1. Access to In-Game Content

You get free items and equipment on games with your subscription. The equipment that you can get changes every month, but can include skins, weapon packs, and special unique characters and emotes. Also, the games that you can get the items for of course changes. As of right now, it's Fortnite and Fifa 23.

2. Free Games

Not only will you have access to in-game content, but you will also be able to play a bunch of games for free.

Once again, the titles that you can play for free rotate monthly. From what I've seen, some games that have been available before including Deponia, Drawful 2, and Titan Souls.

3. Discounted Games

Although this isn't a Prime Gaming feature, but more a Prime subscription benefit, users will also get 5% cashback from purchases made at So, you can buy games from the site without worrying about spending too much. Just remember that you'll need a Prime Visa card first. Not only that, you get the same cashback for purchases made at Amazon Fresh, and Whole Foods Market with the Prime Visa card.

4. Free Twitch Channel Subscription

The whole focus of this article was how streamers earn money from Twitch Prime subs. At the end of the day, getting a free channel subscription is another benefit that Prime users get.

How it works is that you get one free subscription that you can use on your favorite streamer - it can be a Twitch affiliate, Twitch partner, or anyone that you'd like. It works similarly to a normal subscription, so you get access to the sub-only chat, a special sub-badge, and no ads.

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5. Exclusive Emoticons

You get access to unique emojis with Twitch Prime subscriptions, like KappaHD and ScaredyCat. But Twitch Turbo users can also use a lot of these emojis, so keep this in mind.

6. Unique Prime Badge

Last but not least, you get a cool Prime badge that you can flaunt on Twitch. It works on all channels, plus it's crown shaped which I think will make you feel extra special.


Answered below are some popular questions.

1. How Much Do Streamers on Twitch Make From Normal Subscriptions?

Just like Twitch Prime subs, streamers get a similar rate from regular subscriptions. So, smaller-medium accounts will get around 50% of the revenue they make, while larger names get to keep 70%. This applies to all subscription types, including tier 1, 2, and 3 subs.

Generally speaking, a tier 1 sub costs $5, so a regular streamer will make $2.5 minimum from it. While bigger streamers have better contracts, so they can make $3.75 per tier 1 subscription.

Tier 2 subscriptions cost $10, with tier 3 subscriptions costing $25. So, a regular streamer will be able to make $5 and $12.5 from them respectively. On the other hand, a larger Twitch affiliate or Twitch partner would be able to keep $7 and $17.5 respectively.

Yes, Twitch keeps the rest. But there's always the chance that they might change this percentage in the future.

Also, all of the above excludes how much they'd make from ad revenue, which can equate to some major monthly revenue.

2. How Much Does a Twitch Streamer Make From 10,000 Subs?

The answer depends on what subscription tiers we're talking about, as well as once again, whether we're talking about big Twitch affiliates or Partners.

Like I said earlier, a tier 1 normal sub starts at $5, so a smaller-medium streamer would make $25,000 from 10,000 of them, while a larger channel would get to keep $35,000 in subscription revenue.

When it comes to Tier 2 subscriptions, a smaller-medium streamer would make $50,000 from 10,000 of them, while a bigger name would earn $70,000 in subscription revenue.

Tier 3 subscriptions cost $25, so a regular streamer would get to keep $125,000 from 10,000 of them, while larger streamers would get to keep a whopping $175,000 from the total earnings.

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Final Thoughts

Streamers get anywhere between $2.50 to $3.50 per Twitch Prime sub. As mentioned, how much streamers earn really depends on how big of a channel they run - larger names get a 70% cut (like with the regular subscriptions), while smaller channels will only get 50% max.

So, compared to normal tier 1 subscriptions, streamers get paid the same exact revenue share.

Hopefully, you found all of the points that were run through useful, and know everything you need to on Twitch Prime subs.

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