How Deep Are Treasure Chests in Minecraft? [In-Depth Tutorial]

Lindsay Hayes

You can find treasure chests on Minecraft anywhere between 5 blocks all the way to 40 blocks underground. They're almost always in ocean and beach biomes, so look around coastlines.

Probably the biggest problem I've faced when digging for treasure is not knowing how far to dig. In fact, I've once found treasure in a spot that I had already dug before - I just didn't dig deep enough the first time. So, I decided to break it to you how deep you have to go, and a few other tips that you might like.


How Deep Are Treasure Chests in Minecraft?

As mentioned, you can find buried treasure chests up to 40 blocks underground. But it really can differ, as it sometimes can be closer to the surface. To get to the treasure, you'll need to get your hands on treasure maps first. You can find them in sunken shipwrecks and around underwater ruins and caves.

Just remember that to get to them, you'll need a water-breathing potion first (more on how to make one later). You can generally spot these ruins and shipwrecks while you're on a boat, or on a higher structure looking at the ocean.

Once you've got a map, a general rule of thumb is that the 'X' mark on it should lead you to a location in the ocean or beach biomes.

Treasure Chests in Minecraft

But there's something else that you should know:

The 'X' mark on the treasure maps is not the exact location of the map chest. It's just an approximate location, so you'll have to start digging around the surrounding area as well. And just like with investigating a shipwreck, if the buried treasure is underwater, you'll need a water-breathing potion to get to it.

If you're struggling and have been digging for ages, you can make things easier by feeding dolphins. The moment you give them some raw salmon or cod, they'll take you to the X mark on the buried treasure map.

What Loots Can I Find Inside the Buried Treasure Chest?

You'll always find a Heart of the Sea in a buried treasure chest - it's pretty much the only source for it. If you didn't know, it's a rare that item you need to craft a conduit (a special beacon that you can use to attack hostile mobs).

But alongside a Heart of the Sea, you also get iron and gold ingots, TNT, prismarine crystals, food items, emeralds, and iron swords in there.

If you're playing the Bedrock edition of the game, you can even get a few different goodies, like a regeneration potion, chainmail helmet, and chainmail chest plate.

Why Can’t I Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft?

There's a chance that you're just not digging deep enough. Remember that the hidden treasure is not at ground level, so you potentially have to go really deep to get to the loot items.

But also, you might not be digging at the right spot. The X mark on the treasure map is an estimate and not the exact spot for the buried treasure. So, you'll have to dig around the surrounding area as well.

As mentioned, if you're struggling, you can feed some raw cod or salmon to dolphins to help you get to buried treasures quicker.


Answered below are some popular questions.

1. How Do You Make a Potion of Breathing?

You'll need a breathing potion if you want to explore a shipwreck or dig underwater. Now to make one, you'll need a few items first:

Once you've collected all of these items, you'll have to combine them together. Here's how you can do this:

2. Is Buried Treasure Always at 9x9?

There's a rumor that on the Minecraft Java edition, you can always find buried treasure at the 9 x 9 coordinates. This is true sometimes, as even I've had luck with this before. Just remember that it's not a rule set in stone.

3. What is the Minecraft Aquatic Update?

Along with Story Mode, Dungeons, and Minecraft Earth, the Aquatic Update was another major update. It jam-packed a bunch of new items into the game, like the treasure chests and treasure maps that this article talks about. But the update also brought aquatic mobs, special new blocks, new items, and other rare structures too.

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Final Thoughts

Discovering buried treasure in Minecraft can be an exhilarating experience. Chests are usually found 5 to 40 blocks deep, typically in ocean and beach biomes. It's important to remember that the 'X' mark on treasure maps only offers an approximate location, not an exact one, so exploration and persistence are key.

The treasure chest contains valuable loot, including the rare Heart of the Sea. If you're having difficulties, enlist the help of dolphins by feeding them raw salmon or cod.

Never stop digging and exploring, and always remember that the real treasure is the adventure itself.

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