What is RMB on a Keyboard: The Ultimate Guide

Lindsay Hayes

RMB is nothing but Right Mouse Button and it is usually present at the bottom, right below the Shift key on your keyboard. The RMB key has the same functionality as the right-click on your mouse, trackpad, or trackball. Since it is not always convenient to use the mouse or trackpad, some keywords are configured with the RMB key on your keyboard.

Years ago, I was using an application that asked me to press the RMB key and I was a little confused as to where I could find it because there seemed to be no RMB key on my keyboard. In cases like this, you can just use the mouse button. Alternatively, you can also do what I did. I created a keyboard shortcut that acts as the RMB key in my keyboard.

If you'd like to have a better understanding of what the right mouse button is, where it is, how to use it, etc in detail, continue reading.


Is There an RMB Key on Your Keyboard?

Were you using an application that asked you to press the right mouse button key and you're confused because you can't find it?

The exact location of the RMB key can vary from laptop to laptop. In most keyboards, you can find the RMB key in one of the following three places on your keyboard:

  1. If you have a full-sized keyboard, it would usually be between the Windows key and the right Ctrl key.
  2. Otherwise, you can see that the menu key or the RMB key is present between the Fn key and the Ctrl key.
  3. On others, you can find the RMB key in between the Alt key and the Ctrl key.

However, don't worry if you can't find it because not all laptops come with a RMB key. It's a no-brainer if you're using a laptop with a touchpad—it's on your touchpad!

Black PC Keyboard

What Does an RMB Key on Your Keyboard Do?

The RMB key on your computer keyboard has similar functionalities to the right button of your mouse or trackpad. Depending on the operating system and the apps open, the right mouse button key's functionality may change. Here are the basic functions of the right mouse button key:

Open the Context Menu

Say you're on Word and you want to copy a couple of lines from there. Press the right mouse button key and this will open up the context menu. You can now copy by using the Ctrl + C key to copy the text.

Highlight Text

This feature also comes in handy while highlighting or selecting a piece of text. Drag your mouse pointer to the text you want to highlight while holding down the right button key on your keyboard.

Zoom In and Out

Hold down the right mouse button key and move the mouse pointer over the area you want to zoom in or zoom out.

Why Do You Need an RMB Key on Your Keyboard?

You might be wondering why you need your mouse keys on your keyboard. It might feel pointless if you use a mouse. However, this feature comes in handy if you use the mouse keys feature in the keyboard or a touchpad, trackball, trackpoint for a pointer.

It could be a great inconvenience if you have to reach out to your mouse every time you want to click something. For people who prefer working just on the keyboard, this right mouse button is helpful as you don't have to move your hands away from your keyboard at all.

Is the RMB Key Present in All Keyboards?

No, this is not present in all laptop and PC keyboards. In fact, you wouldn't find the RMB key in most keyboards. Some keyboards, like mechanical keyboards and gaming keyboards might have them. Corsair's K60 RGB Pro mechanical gaming keyboard is one example.

What To Do When There's No RMB Key Present?

Don't worry, if there's no RMB key on your keyboard, you can directly use the RMB keys present in your mouse, trackball, touchpad itself.

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Use Your Touchpad

If you have a touchpad with your laptop, you already have the complete mouse features on your keyboard. In the trackpad, usually the clickable part of it is the RMB key. In other cases, you might find a button itself right below the trackpad. Whatever it is, since the keyboard itself has the function, you don't require an external mouse.

Use Your Trackball

If you have a trackball keyboard, you'd know that it is very similar to the trackpad. Here, the RMB key is also usually found near the trackball on your keyboard. Again, this doesn't require you to have an external mouse connected.

Use Your Numpad Keys

Windows has a feature called the mouse keys, that allows you to control your cursor or pointer with the numpad keys. However, the process is a bit tedious as you have to switch between different keys every time you need to click something. Before all this, turn on mouse keys. You can do that by following the steps below:

  1. Press Start and search for the control panel. Click the Control Panel to open it.
  2. Select Ease of Access.
  3. Now go to the Ease of Access Center.
  4. Scroll down to find Make the mouse easier to use. Click on it.
  5. Under the Control the mouse with the keyboard section, check the Turn on Mouse Keys checkbox.
  6. Once you're done, click Apply.

The mouse keys should be up and running now. You can find the mouse icon by pressing the upper arrow in the task bar, indicating that it is now activated. If you see a red cross on it, that's because you've turned your Numlock key off. To switch it on, press the Numlock key. You might hear a beep noise when you turn your mouse keys on or off.

The numpad will now be activated and each key in the numpad will now be assigned a function. For instance, the minus sign on the numpad will help you do a right-click instead of having to use the RMB key.

Keyboard Shortcut for the RMB key

If you're a Windows user, you can use the Shift key and the F10 key together. If you use a macbook, you can hold the Ctrl key while clicking the trackpad in your laptop.

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Are Other Mouse Buttons Also Present as Keys on Your Keyboard?


LMB is the left mouse button and also has the same functionality as the left mouse button on your mouse or trackpad. Usually, you will find the LMB key on your keyboard if it has an RMB key.

You can use the LMB key on your keyboard to quickly choose an option or click on something. For instance, if you want to move over to a tab in your web browser, just hover over it and press the LMB key.


MMB key, like you might have guessed, is the middle mouse button. However, it is not as popular as the right mouse button and left mouse button keys as its functionality is not as needed as the others.

The middle mouse button usually has a scroll wheel that helps you scroll, zoom in and out, etc.

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Final Thoughts

The right mouse button is incredibly useful for users who don't want to constantly switch between their mouse and keyboard. It allows you to stay on your keyboard the entire time because the right mouse button and the left mouse button are present on the keyboard. The right mouse button has all the functionalities of a normal mouse's right mouse button. It can help you open the context menu quickly without having to move your hands away from the keyboard.

It can take some getting used to but will definitely be worth it as the right mouse button is super convenient.

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