What is Twitch VIP Badge? How to Get VIP Access Now?

Lindsay Hayes

Twitch VIP badges are prestigious roles that only the channel owner can give out. Usually, it's given to loyal users and winners of big giveaways. Not only does the role let users flex, but it also comes with some perks, like being able to bypass rate limits, slow mode, sub-only, and followers-only modes.

Just last week, I got my first Twitch VIP badge, after being on the platform for 3 years. I won a giveaway on Ludwig's chat. The badge came with some cool features, like being able to bypass rare limits, but the thing I loved the most was being able to show it off.

If you'd like to learn more about what Twitch VIP badges do, and additional information, like how you can increase your chances of getting a VIP badge yourself, you can read ahead.


What is Twitch VIP?

A Twitch 'VIP' is a prestigious role that streamers reserve and don't just give away. Usually, it's given to users who have been channel supporters since the early days. Or like with me, it can be given out as some kind of prize for a big giveaway. But it's really up to the streamer, and you can get it if you're an especially loyal member.

Apart from letting you show off, the VIP role also lets you chat without being affected by slow mode, or rare limits and lets you chat when it's subscriber-only, and follower-only modes. Plus, you can even post links in chats in which links are disabled.

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Some users think that you don't get any ads when you're a VIP, but this actually isn't true. If you don't want any ads, you'll have to buy Twitch Turbo or go ahead and use an ad-blocker.

Not many newbies realize it, but there actually is a set amount of VIP badges that creators can give. This all depends on their active user count. I think the scarcity adds to how special Twitch VIPs are.

While you can only give out a specific number of VIP badges, Twitch lets you remove and reassign them in case you run out.

How Many VIP Badges Can a Streamer Give Out?

As I said, Twitch streamers have a limited number of VIP badges that they can give out. This all depends on how many active chatters they have. But before you even try to get VIP slots, you first have to finish the Build a Community achievement. You'll need to have at least 50 followers and 5 unique chatters in a stream chat. Once you hit this, you'll be given 10 badges to give away.

The more unique chatters that you get as a channel owner, the more slots you'll have.

Here's a quick breakdown:

Once you hit 200 chatters, there's, unfortunately, no way to go up from the 100 slots that were provided. However, as mentioned, Twitch lets you remove and then reassign the role. Here's how you can remove a Twitch VIP badge:

How Does a Streamer Give Another User a Twitch VIP Badge?

Right now, there are 2 ways that creators give VIP badges away. I've taken a look at each of them below.

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Method 1: Using Twitch Chat Commands

Using your channel's chat is the easiest way to give a Twitch VIP badge away. Here's how you do this:

I discussed how you can remove a VIP badge earlier. It also follows the chat commands method, so here's a quick recap:

Method 2: From the Creator Dashboard

Compared to the above method, using the creator dashboard is a bit more work. Nonetheless, it still gets the job done. Here's what you can do:

How Do You Increase Your Chances of Getting a Twitch VIP Role?

I promised you earlier that I would look at all the ways that you can increase your chances of getting a Twitch VIP badge, so let's finally get into it.

1. Join Giveaways

The easiest way to become a VIP is by entering giveaways. As you'd see in the section below, you'll have to do quite a bit if you want a streamer to notice you and give you the badge. But with giveaways, all you do is just enter and wait.

2. Follow Chat/Twitch Rules

It's important that you follow the community chat rules. You'd show that you're not toxic, and also, that you can be trusted once you get a VIP badge. Remember what I said about how you'll be able to still send links even when links are switched off? By following chat rules, you are showing that the channel's owners won't have to worry about you spamming or sending irrelevant links.

Keep in mind that streamers can see your chat history, and they also have audit logs to see all the actions mods have taken against you. Definitely always be on your best behavior.

3. Get Channel Point(s)

I'd also recommend collecting channel points. Basically, when you chat continuously on a stream, you'll collect points. There actually is a leaderboard for this. So, being right up there in points can help increase your chances of being noticed and rewarded with a VIP role.

4. Gift Subs to Other Viewers

Just like there is a channel points leaderboard, there's also a separate leaderboard for sub-gifting. Each time you buy another user a channel subscription, you would get points and eventually rise to the top.

Here's how you can gift subs to other viewers:

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5. Be a Valuable Part of the Community

My last suggestion would be to make yourself a valuable part of the community. One of the best ways to do this would be to welcome new viewers and be the first person to talk during streams.

Also, be a channel subscriber and engage with the streamer on social media, like Twitter and Discord. I'd especially recommend joining their Discord, as you can become a mod there and build up your reputation.

What's the Difference Between VIP and Mod on Twitch?

First off, they both are prestigious roles that all users try and get. Of course, they each come with their own perks and functions.

As I said earlier, VIP badges are reserved for community members who've been in a channel for a long time, or for users who have won giveaways. Their whole purpose is to let users show off, but they also come with some nice features, like being able to post links when the permission is disabled on chat.

On the other hand, moderators take care of the Twitch community - they can ban and put users in timeout, and even filter messages with chatbots. So, they have more of a purpose.

If you're wondering what the better role is, I think that this has to go to being a moderator. You are tasked with taking care of your favorite streamer's channel, so you have a lot of responsibility that makes you feel special.

Unlike Twitch VIPs, chat owners don't have a limit on the number of mods that they can give out. There are no requirements that you'll have to meet either, unlike with the Community Achievement for Twitch VIPs.


Answered below are some popular questions.

1. Can You Change The VIP Badge?

No, you can't change how the VIP badge looks. It stays the same on all channels that you're on - a pink background with a white diamond inside. In the future, Twitch might change this, but there currently is no news of this.

2. Can You Be a Subscriber and a VIP on Twitch?

Yes, you can be both a subscriber and a VIP. There's also no rule about you being a subscriber, VIP, or moderator at the same time either.

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Final Thoughts

VIP roles are special badges that you give out to users that not only make them feel special but also give them some perks. Some of these Twitch VIP perks include being able to bypass sub only and followers only modes, as well as send links even when link-sending is disabled. However, you'll still see ads with a VIP role. You'll need Twitch Turbo if you don't want to deal with ads anymore.

Like I said, though, a Twitch channel owner only has a set number of VIP badges that they can give out. If you're a streamer and want more VIP badges to give away, you'll have to increase your unique chatters count.

I also ran through some additional information on the topic, like how you can assign a Twitch VIP badge, and how you can increase your chances of getting one.

Hopefully, you found all of the points that were run through useful.

Lindsay Hayes

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