Fixing iCUE Not Working Problem (8+ Easy Solutions)

Lindsay Hayes

If your iCUE software is not working, you're most likely dealing with outdated drivers. You should be able to fix it by going to your Device Manager, then deleting and reinstalling the driver. It will automatically reinstall with the latest software version.

The problem can also be due to the hardware device you're using. It may not be properly connected. Double-check this and try again.

Although I haven't faced the problem in a while, it used to pop up a couple of months ago. I figured that it was due to outdated drivers and managed to fix this.

I ran through the fix that I tried, as well as the other possible solutions.


How Do You Fix iCUE Not Working Issue?

There are many solutions you can turn to, but before we get started, double-check whether the hardware you've plugged in is compatible with the Corsair utility engine. None of the below fixes would work if this is the case.

You can check whether you're facing any hardware compatibility issues by visiting Corsair's website and checking all the devices it works with.

Let's get started.

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Solution 1: Update the Corsair iCUE Software (New iCUE Version)

You will face iCUE software issues if you haven't updated the program in a while. It might be outdated and may not be detecting devices because it's buggy.

You will have to go to the software's settings to download the latest version. Just know that you need a stable internet connection first.

Hopefully, you aren't dealing with the iCUE not detecting issue anymore. You should be able to adjust your LED lighting settings now.

Solution 2: Reinstall Device Drivers

You might be having issues with your drivers. They could be outdated or just glitching out badly. Uninstalling and reinstalling your drivers should help.

This will cause them to automatically re-download with the latest software version.

Follow these steps:

Solution 3: Update Windows Operating System

This could also be due to your operating system being outdated.

If this is what you're dealing with, you will face various other problems as well.

Here's how you fix this:

Your computer should restart after it updates.

Solution 4: Clear Your Corrupted System

If your operating system is corrupted, this can also cause the Corsair software to malfunction. A couple of your program files may be missing or broken.

You will need a software development kit to take care of this. I would recommend Restoro.

Follow these steps to use Restoro to fix Corsair iCUE and get your computer back up and running again:

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Solution 5: Get rid of Viruses

There may be a virus on your computer that's wreaking havoc. This wouldn't just cause the Corsair iCUE software to not function correctly, but other tools too.

Pretty much any antivirus software can help. However, I recommend using Avast. Follow these steps to install it:

Solution 6: Delete and Reinstall Corsair iCUE

Corsai iCUE may not be working because of an internal software problem. To fix this, you will have to delete and reinstall the software control.

This will clear all the data from your computer, so any major software problem it had should be cleared.

Here's how to uninstall the software:

Solution 7: Contact Corsair Utility Engine Support Team

If you're still having no luck, the problem can be due to a bug in the corsair utility engine that has not been fixed yet. Contact the app team and tell them about the issue. They should be able to take care of it now.

There is a support page that you can visit as well.

Solution 8: Check For Bad USB Ports

The problem may be due to the USB port that you've plugged your hardware into. The port may be broken, so the iCUE software may not be able to read it properly.

Give it a thorough inspection. If you notice that there are any issues, contact the store that you bought your computer from.

They should be able to fix the issue for free, depending on your warranty.

Hopefully you're able to use your corsair devices without an issue now. If not, I have one more trick for you.

Solution 9: Check For Hardware Failure

The hardware that you've been trying to insert the USB into might be broken. Your computer wouldn't be able to register it, so Corsair iCUE won't detect it.

You will have to get the device repaired. You might be able to do this for free, depending on your warranty.

As mentioned, Corsair iCUE could stop working if it's not compatible with the hardware you're trying to use. You will have to visit the website to check for any compatibility issues.

System Updating Process


Answered below are some popular questions.

Why Isn't My Corsair iCUE Working?

There are many reasons why Corsair iCUE software may not be working, and they include:

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Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why the iCUE not working issue can pop up. This usually happens if you have outdated device drivers. Fixing the iCUE software is easy, as all you need to do is delete and then reinstall your device drivers. They will automatically be reinstalled with the latest version installed.

Sometimes, the Corsair software can malfunction because your Windows version is outdated.

It could be due to a virus too. Install an antivirus software to get the Corsair device back up and running again.

Some users faced the problem when their BIOS switch doesn't work as well.

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