How to Remove Followers on Twitch? Cleaning Up Your Twitch

Lindsay Hayes

There are 3 different ways to remove followers on Twitch. By far, the best is the CommanderRoot tool: you'll be able to remove Twitch followers in bulk. But instead of that, you can either block or ban users from your chat.

I recently got follow raided while streaming. At first, I was pretty excited, cause I thought I was doing a good job and more viewers were following me. But then I realized I was being botted. I remembered a streamer mentioning the CommanderRoot tool, so I ended up using it to get rid of all the fake accounts.

So, if you would like to know how to use it, and a bunch of additional information on the topic, you can read ahead.


How to Remove Followers on Twitch?

There are 3 different ways to remove followers, and I've run through them below.

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Method 1: CommanderRoot Follower Remover Tool

Probably the best way to remove followers is through the CommanderRoot Follower Remover tool. It's free, and you don't have to download anything to use it either. I placed it on top because, unlike the other methods, you can easily unfollow hundreds of accounts at the same time.

Be careful before you remove Twitch followers, though. There's no way to undo what you did unless the users that you removed end up following again.

Here's how you can use the tool to remove just 1 user:

As I said, you can use the tool to mass remove followers. Here's how you can do this:

If you were botted but don't remember the day it happened, there's actually a special option in the filter list that can help. It will show you the days that you got a lot of followers, so definitely look for it.

Method 2: Block Your Followers

Blocking your followers is another route that you can take. It'll be easier compared to the above method if you only want to remove one or two followers.

You should be careful before you block a user, though, as you'll limit how they'll be able to interact with your channel. They won't be able to buy subscriptions, or gift subs to other users. If you're going to be blocking follow bots/ fake followers, though, this won't be a problem.

Here's 1 method to try:

Here's another:

If you ever want to unblock the user, you can:

Here's another way that you can try:

Method 3: Ban Users

If you don't want to try the above 2 tricks out, you can always ban the follower from your chat. Also, your moderators would be able to do this instead of you. So, you can leave it to them to handle if you're busy.

Unlike with blocking, the user would still be able to whisper and talk to you on channels that aren't yours.

Here's what you do:

And if you ever want to unban, you can do the following:

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Can You Ban Someone From Watching Your Twitch Streams?

There's no way to ban users from watching your Twitch streams. Even if you were to ban them from your channel, they would still be able to see your live stream. But of course, they wouldn't be able to text on your chat or see the messages on it.

The thing is, even if you ban a user, you can't stop them from potentially making new accounts. So, they would still be able to get on the stream chat and interact with you while live streaming.

If you're asking yourself what about private streams, Twitch doesn't necessarily have this feature. The closest possible option would be subscriber-only streams.


Answered below are some popular questions.

1. Do Followers Matter on Twitch?

Your followers do matter if you're thinking about reaching affiliate or Partner status (more so for the latter). The two are basically achievements that you can unlock that will give you access to monetization tools.

With either of them, Twitch wants to see if you have an audience. It's especially hard to reach Partner status, as they manually go through your application and look at your community and content quality. So, yes, followers do matter.

2. Why Should You Remove Bot Accounts?

If you got follow botted, you might be wondering whether removing the bots would be a good idea. After all, you would've at least gained a couple of hundred new followers. Twitch specifically says that they don't penalize anyone for the actions of others, so you won't get in trouble for getting botted by another user.

But keeping the bots on your account isn't smart - you'll decrease your Twitch channel engagement. Like other social media platforms, you need active viewers to interact with ads.

3. What Do You Do if You Can't Block a User on Twitch?

Quite a few users have complained about not being able to block users before. Although I've never dealt with this problem, I know a few users who have.

Almost always, the problem is due to some kind of glitch. You should be able to fix it by refreshing the Twitch page if you're on your computer. Now, if you're using the app and are having issues blocking someone, you will have to force quit it.

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Final Thoughts

There are 3 different ways that you can remove Twitch followers: using third-party tools, blocking the user, or banning them. Once you delete followers, you won't get them back unless they decide to re-follow. So, think about whether this would be ideal. But going ahead with this is smart if you've been a victim of follow botting while live streaming.

Instead of removing someone from your followers list, you might be wondering if there's a way to stop users from watching your streams. Even when you ban a user, they would still be able to watch you when you're streaming live. So, the answer's no.

All in all, what did you think of everything that was discussed?

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