How Long Does It Take to Delete a Discord Account? (The Basic Guide)

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If you want to delete your Discord account, you need to know that it will take about 14 days to complete the account deletion process after you click "Delete Account". However, in some instances, users report that it can take as long as 30 days before their account deletion is settled.

Discord makes it easy to keep in touch with various communities, especially gaming ones. But if you get to a point where you don't need the app anymore, as I did, you might want to delete your Discord account permanently. However, you might notice it doesn't happen right away.

So, how long does it take to delete a Discord account for good? This guide has all the answers you're looking for, so let's get right into it.


How Long Does It Take For Your Discord Account to Be Permanently Deleted?

After you hit the "Delete Account" button on the Discord app or website, you'll probably notice that your account doesn't go away immediately.

If you attempt to delete a Discord account, you need to keep in mind that it will take about 14 days for the account deletion to be finalized.

While this is the case for the majority of accounts, some other users say that it might take as long as 30 days. It's hard to tell why it takes longer for some people though.

Regardless, you'll notice that it is still possible for you to restore account if you want to, before the 14-day period is over and it gets permanently deleted.

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Is There Any Way to Get Your Discord Account Deleted Immediately?

But what if you want to delete your Discord account immediately? Is there any way to get your account deleted permanently and instantly?

Unfortunately, there's no way to do this. You can attempt to contact Discord's customer support, but it is very unlikely that you'll be able to skip the waiting period.

How Do I Delete My Account on Discord?

Now, if you don't mind the 14-day delay before you delete your account permanently, then you probably want to know the steps to follow to delete a Discord account.

Here's all that you need to do:

  1. Launch the Discord application or open the website.
  2. Click the gear icon in the bottom-left corner to open "User Settings".
  3. You should be in the "My Account" tab by default, but if not, select it from the panel on the left.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of this My Account settings menu and click on the "Delete Account" button.
  5. Enter your account password in the prompt that appears.
  6. Press the "Delete Account" button.

I Can't Delete My Account, Why?

If you're unable to delete your Discord account, it might be because you're yet to do something about all the servers that you owned.

Note that Discord won't permit account removal if there are still any active servers under you.

You will need to either delete those servers entirely or transfer ownership of them to someone else.

How Do I Delete an Account After Someone's Death?

If someone close to you has unfortunately passed away, you might want to delete their account.

If you have their account credentials, you can do this straight from their account settings. If you don't have these details though, all you need is their email address.

  1. Open the "Submit a Request" page.
  2. Select "Help & Support" from the "What can we help you with?" dropdown menu.
  3. Enter the person's email address where indicated.
  4. Under "Type of question?", choose "Account Deletion Request".
  5. Choose their primary platform.
  6. Write "User is deceased" in the description box.
  7. Press "Submit".

Note that Discord might request that you send a copy of the person's death certificate to finalize the process.

What Does a Deleted Account Look Like?

You'll be able to tell when an account has been deleted because you'll see the name listed as "Deleted User" on servers where they might have been posted.

It's important to know that your messages won't be removed when Discord deletes the account. If you want them gone too, you'll need to make sure you take care of that before you get rid of your Discord account.

Also, if you try to search for a Discord account that has been deleted, you won't find it in the search.

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How Do I Disable My Account on Discord?

If you don't want to permanently delete a Discord account and would rather just take a temporary break, the platform offers a convenient option for this.

The "Disable Account" option will hide your Discord account and stop others from being able to send notifications to you.

This can last as long as two years, but I don't recommend going any longer than that because a disabled account might end up deleted when it is inactive for too long.

Follow these steps to disable your Discord account:

  1. Open the Discord website or the app.
  2. Press the gear icon in the bottom left to open "User Settings".
  3. From the User Settings page, click the "My Account" tab on the left.
  4. Scroll to the very bottom and click on the "Disable Account" button.
  5. Enter your password in the prompt that appears.
  6. Now, press "Disable Account" again to confirm.

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Final Words

If you want to get rid of a Discord account, you need to know that the account removal process will take about 14 days to be completed. However, for some people, deleting a Discord account can take as many as 30 days.

Permanently deleting your Discord account can be done from User Settings, after which it is straightforward. However, if you don't want to delete your account data permanently from Discord's servers, you can choose to disable your account instead. The button for this is right beside the one you use to delete your account.

Was this article able to show you how long it takes for Discord account deletion and how to delete your account too? If so, take a look at our related articles where you can learn a lot more.

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