How to Bold on Discord? Here's What Every Newbie Should Know

Lindsay Hayes

You can bold a Discord message by adding two asterisks before and after your text, so it should end up looking like this: **text** before you hit send.

I think bolding texts is useful if you're trying to emphasize a point. I've actually used this text formatting on a couple of my rules in my server's Rules Channel. Recently, one of my friends who's a bit of a newb asked me how I did this, and I ran him through how simple it was.

If like him, you also want a rundown, you can read ahead.


How to Bold On Discord?

It's relatively easy to bold texts on Discord - all you have to do is add double asterisks before and after your message. So, your text should look like this: **text** before you hit the send button.

Along with bolding a message, you can also italicize it. This works well when you feel like just bolding won't bring enough attention to what you want to say. You'll have to add three asterisks before and after your text instead of two, like this: ***text***.

If you like the italics and only want to keep this text formatting, you can ditch the bolding. Simply add only one asterisk before and after your message. So, your Discord text should look like this before you click send: *text*

Yes, the above is the same for both PC and mobile users. A lot of users think there's a different way to bold or italicise messages on the Discord mobile app, compared to the web app. But this isn't the case, and neither is it for any other types of formatting options.

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What are Other Discord Text Formatting Options?

Apart from italicizing and bolding text, you can also strike them through, or even underline them.

Underlining is another good way to draw attention to what you want to say while crossing text out can be a fun way to get users to ignore your message without deleting it.

Here's how you can underline text:

Here's how you can strike through while writing messages:

There's also a way to black out text if you're interested. I think it works well if you're talking about a spoiler on the chat and want to hide it. Although the text will be blacked out, users can still read it by clicking on the text - the black bar that's on top will be removed.

Here's how you can do this:

Is There a Way to Colour Text in Discord?

Although you can change the color of texts on Discord, not all users can easily do this. You need to add code blocks to your messages, which requires a bit of extra knowledge - check this guide out if you're interested.

The thing is, the native Discord interface doesn't provide support for coloring text, but the underlying Javascript engine that Discord uses does. This means that inserting snippets of code into the text chat will change the color of messages.

You can do this to all types of text, no matter if it's a message with plain text formatting syntax, or something already customized and bolded. Also, you can do this on both Dm messages and texts on servers.

If the server you're on has custom color roles, you can also change your user name color. Compared to changing the color of Discord messages, this is way easier. Of course, you might not have the biggest selection to work with - you'll be restricted to the color options on the server.

You'll have to head to the server's bot channel and use the role command, which usually is !role, and then choose a color option (if they have a bot to use that is). But instead of using a bot, you can also try and ping a moderator and get them to change your name color.

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Final Thoughts

Discord uses a lightweight markup language, so it's easy to bold text, or do any other Discord text formatting. To bold text in Discord, you just have to add two asterisks before and after your message.

Apart from bolding text, you can use also italic text and even cross the text. To combine and create bold italicized text, add three asterisks before and after your message.

Overall, making your text bold in Discord is useful when you want to draw attention to what you want to say. I've used it several times to emphasize some points on my server's rules channel.

Hopefully, you found all the points covered in this guide useful.

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